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2012-01-27 Marc SchmitzerChange parsing of "event" attribute of transitions. master 4
2011-11-28 Marc SchmitzerClear script in curExecContext after applying it to...
2010-01-17 h.sivankbug fix : remove Qt:property count test 1
2009-11-26 No'am Rosenthalre-added scc examples
2009-11-26 No'am Rosenthalmedia example removed, main pro file builds scc and...
2009-11-26 No'am Rosenthalremoved fringe features
2009-11-26 No'am Rosenthalupdated license headers
2009-11-26 No'am Rosenthalmany fixes and optimizations to SCXML
2009-10-03 No'am Rosenthaladjust scc to QStateMachine API changes (remove QSignal...
2009-10-03 No'am Rosenthaladjusted for postInternalEvent API change
2009-08-10 No'am RosenthalFixed loginmvc example to have better notifications scc
2009-08-10 No'am RosenthalStatechart Compiler with examples
2009-08-07 No'am Rosenthalperlimiary statechart compiler (scxml -> c++)
2009-07-23 No'am RosenthalChanges in QStateMachine (rootState)
2009-07-13 No'am RosenthalEnabled using SCXML with an existing QScriptEngine
2009-06-18 Noam RosenthalWork with the new activated trigger from QAbstractTrans...
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