last changeThu, 16 Feb 2012 08:38:15 +0000 (10:38 +0200)
2012-02-16 Marko NiemeläAdded README.txt to inform about new repository master
2012-02-15 Marko NiemeläAdded missing precision definitions to ThresholdMask...
2012-02-07 Sami HietanenFixed the naming of
2012-02-06 Marko NiemeläReduced pngdumper tool peak memory consumption
2012-02-06 Marko NiemeläFixed autotests to work with latest Qt5
2012-02-03 Marko NiemeläFixed ThresholdMask which did not use SourceProxy for...
2012-02-01 Marko NiemeläRemoved unnecessary alpha slider from Colorize test
2012-02-01 Marko NiemeläTestBed RecursiveBlur slider range adjusted
2012-02-01 Marko NiemeläRadialBlur offset and angle interpretation changed
2012-02-01 Marko NiemeläTestBed to show only one decimal for position values
2012-02-01 Marko NiemeläTestBed progressBar aligment fixed
2012-02-01 Marko NiemeläTestBed slider fixed to show integers without decimals
2012-02-01 Marko NiemeläTestBed slider value aligment corrected
2012-02-01 Marko NiemeläTestBed label value color corrected
2012-02-01 Marko NiemeläBlend effect to handle background alpha
2012-01-31 Marko NiemeläTestBed effect selection highlight improved
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