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2013-06-10 Robin BurchellRemove QUICK_TEST_SCENEGRAPH. master
2013-06-10 Robin BurchellAdd an option for qmltestrunner to load translation...
2013-05-28 Teemu KaukorantaReplaced Nokia copyrights and contact details
2013-05-28 Teemu KaukorantaFixed licenses
2013-04-02 Robin BurchellDon't create event loop in quick_test_main() if it...
2013-01-08 Matt VogtGenerate real mouse events on mouseMove
2011-02-15 Rhys WeatherleyConvert documentation to new qdoc style
2011-02-15 Rhys WeatherleyMake it possible to use QtQuickTest with QtQuick2
2011-01-28 René HansenChanged explicit Qt version from 4.7 to 4.7.1
2011-01-10 Sascha KolewaAdded try catch around JSON.stringify
2011-01-10 Sascha KolewaAdded Qt headers, replace import Qt with import QtQuick
2011-01-10 Sascha KolewaMerged Extend_compare_for_objects_and_arrays
2011-01-10 Sascha KolewaMerge branch 'Extend_compare_for_objects_and_arrays'
2011-01-04 Rhys WeatherleyRemove support for tests in qrc resources.
2010-12-21 Sascha KolewaAdded test cases (also taken from Extend_compare_for_objects_and_arrays
2010-12-21 Sascha KolewaAdded function to compare objects
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