2011-07-25 Orgad ShanehGo to next slide on Return, go to previous slide on... quick1 4
2011-07-25 Gunnar SlettaChange text to use [C] for clearing
2011-07-04 Orgad ShanehAdded arbitrary slide selection (number + return) 2
2011-05-31 Gunnar SlettaRemoved animated background tutorial and changed to...
2011-05-31 Gunnar SlettaClear with 'C' and quit using 'ESC'.
2011-05-30 Gunnar SlettaEnabled make install to copy directly to QTDIR
2011-05-26 Gunnar SlettaAdded a readme file
2011-05-20 Gunnar SlettaAdded BSD license headers to all files...
2011-05-19 Gunnar SlettaRotated launchers and some fixes to tutorial
2011-05-19 Gunnar Slettabetter text..
2011-05-18 Gunnar SlettaSlight improvemnts to examples
2011-05-18 Gunnar SlettaMoved hello to tutorial
2011-05-18 Gunnar SlettaSlide::masterWidth and masterHeight
2011-05-16 Gunnar SlettaAdded contentWidth to decide where text wraps
2011-05-14 Gunnar Slettarenamed to Qt.labs.presentation
2011-05-14 Gunnar SlettaUpdates to presentation system
2011-05-13 Gunnar SlettaSimple custom transition
2011-05-13 Gunnar Slettaupdated with nicer background
2011-05-12 Gunnar Slettamissing file
2011-05-12 Gunnar Slettasome small fixes
2011-05-12 Gunnar SlettaMade the Swirl a bit nicer and added some particles...
2011-05-06 Gunnar SlettaAnimated Background prezo...
2011-04-28 Gunnar Slettamissing file
2011-04-28 Gunnar SlettaSplit dissolving presentation into its own thing
2011-04-28 Gunnar SlettaAdded example of a custom transition
2011-04-28 Gunnar SlettaReworked the presentation framework quite a bit
2010-11-22 Gunnar Slettamore spacing between content blocks...
2010-11-16 Gunnar Slettause pixelsize, rather than point size..
2010-11-15 Gunnar Slettagot presentation framework mostly running...
2010-11-15 Gunnar Slettainitial commit