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2014-09-29 Simon HausmannAllow for overriding the text format of a slide
2013-10-21 Alan AlpertAdd a point-by-point reveal option
2013-05-30 Teemu KaukorantaChanged contact details
2013-05-23 Teemu KaukorantaFixed licenses
2013-05-15 Gunnar SlettaUse children instead of resources to find slides.
2013-04-19 Gunnar SlettaBetter rotation code for examples
2013-04-08 Gunnar Slettause qml_module in .pro file
2013-02-11 Alan AlpertGo back a slide on pressAndHold
2012-12-14 Gunnar SlettaMake the writeInText faster unstable
2012-12-11 Gunnar SlettaUpdate to most recent API
2012-11-26 Gunnar SlettaFix license and install to "right" location
2012-11-08 Gunnar Slettapagerect fix
2012-11-08 Gunnar SlettaFix title coloring in some examples
2012-11-08 Gunnar SlettaNew feature: Notes window with example, tutorial updated.
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