fix 'Unexpected item type' error message
[qt-labs:qbs.git] / src / lib / language / projectresolver.cpp
2013-11-14 Joerg Bornemannfix 'Unexpected item type' error message
2013-11-04 Christian KandelerFix file tagger pattern matching.
2013-10-30 Christian KandelerStore the right build configuration.
2013-10-30 Joerg Bornemannyield error if conflicts with a module...
2013-10-28 Christian KandelerCheck for duplicate product names.
2013-10-17 Christian KandelerEvaluate artifact conditions.
2013-09-24 Joerg Bornemannfix calling of prepare script function
2013-09-19 Joerg Bornemannfix imports/extensions for script properties
2013-09-18 Joerg BornemannTransformer.explicitlyDependsOn added
2013-09-18 Joerg BornemannResolvedTransformer::Ptr -> ResolvedTransformerPtr
2013-08-26 Joerg Bornemannrename class PrepareScript to ScriptFunction
2013-08-26 Joerg Bornemannput creation of PrepareScript objects into a function
2013-08-26 Christian KandelerTake the condition of a "filetagsFilter" group into...
2013-08-13 Joerg Bornemannreplace filetagger set with a list
2013-08-13 Joerg Bornemannyield error on invalid FileTagger items
2013-08-13 Christian KandelerDon't check for QVariant::isValid() when setting up...
2013-07-31 Joerg Bornemannintroduce Rule.auxiliaryInputs
2013-07-25 Joerg Bornemannfix default value initialization
2013-07-25 Joerg Bornemannset up declarations for every builtin item
2013-07-24 Christian KandelerFix progress bar for project resolving.
2013-07-19 Joerg Bornemannsplit overridden values off the build configuration
2013-07-16 Christian KandelerSet engine environment before starting the module loader.
2013-07-16 Christian KandelerUse previous results of calls to "File.exists()" in...
2013-07-12 Christian KandelerProperly support disabled projects.
2013-07-03 Christian KandelerMake built-in JavaScript extensions available on demand.
2013-07-03 Christian KandelerDon't let disabled products take part in dependency...
2013-06-20 Tobias HungerStore list of files that are part of the project
2013-06-18 Christian KandelerIntroduce function that gets a single child item of...
2013-06-18 Christian KandelerSome minor improvements to the Error class.
2013-06-17 Christian KandelerFix build error.
2013-06-17 Christian KandelerAllow projects to be nested.
2013-06-06 Tobias HungerPass the environment to be used as part of the setuppro...
2013-06-05 Joerg Bornemannadd product.sourceDirectory property
2013-05-29 Christian KandelerCheck whether files listed in "files" property actually...
2013-05-23 Joerg Bornemannfix overriding of project properties
2013-05-23 Joerg Bornemannmake sure that product.type is an array
2013-05-22 Joerg Bornemannfix Export item inheritance
2013-05-22 Joerg Bornemannmake project properties available in rules
2013-05-22 Joerg Bornemannrename ProductModule to Export
2013-04-29 Joerg Bornemannfix overriding of project/product properties
2013-04-25 Joerg Bornemannfix memory leak in loader
2013-04-22 Christian KandelerAvoid the ambiguous term "load" in user output.
2013-04-17 Joerg Bornemannmake and Depends.submodules case sensitive
2013-04-17 Joerg Bornemannmake sure transformer output artifacts have a file tag
2013-04-16 Christian KandelerDeal with environment changes.
2013-04-12 Christian KandelerHelp compiler with branch prediction.
2013-04-05 Joerg Bornemannimplement Rule.condition property
2013-03-28 Christian KandelerShow more fine-grained progress information for project...
2013-03-27 Joerg Bornemanncache Rule.prepare scripts as function objects
2013-03-25 Joerg Bornemannremove Product.destination in favor of Product.destinat...
2013-03-18 Joerg Bornemannfix Rule.Artifact bindings
2013-03-18 Joerg Bornemannmove PropertyMapInternal to its own files
2013-03-08 Joerg Bornemannfix some clang warnings
2013-03-07 Joerg Bornemannslash the Loader's Gordian Knot