Merge "Merge branch '1.1' into 'master'."
[qt-labs:qbs.git] / src / app / qbs / commandlinefrontend.cpp
2013-11-06 Joerg BornemannMerge "Merge branch '1.1' into 'master'."
2013-11-06 Christian KandelerFix meaning of "Command.silent".
2013-11-06 Christian KandelerMerge branch '1.1' into 'master'.
2013-10-31 Christian KandelerSeparate between overridden values and others in comman...
2013-10-30 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.1'
2013-10-28 Christian KandelerFix potential deadlock in Ctrl-C handling.
2013-08-20 Christian KandelerRemove "showProperties" command.
2013-07-19 Joerg Bornemannsplit overridden values off the build configuration
2013-06-18 Christian KandelerSome minor improvements to the Error class.
2013-06-17 Christian KandelerAllow installing without building.
2013-06-17 Tobias HungerMove expanding of configuration to SetupProjectParameters
2013-06-17 Christian KandelerAllow projects to be nested.
2013-06-06 Tobias HungerPass the environment to be used as part of the setuppro...
2013-05-31 Christian KandelerFix misleading messages when canceling operations.
2013-05-28 Christian KandelerIntroduce ILogSink::printWarning().
2013-05-23 Christian KandelerDon't install into sysroot by default.
2013-05-23 Christian KandelerUse private implementation in API classes.
2013-03-28 Christian KandelerShow more fine-grained progress information for project...
2013-03-26 Christian KandelerAdd option to log how much time an operation takes.
2013-03-26 Christian KandelerAdd new command "resolve".
2013-02-28 Christian KandelerIntroduce class CleanOptions.
2013-02-06 Christian KandelerRemove global log sink.
2013-02-04 Christian KandelerDo not refer to the qbs application path in library...
2013-02-01 Christian KandelerCL frontend: Handle Ctrl-C in the main thread.
2013-02-01 Christian KandelerCommand-line frontend: Always print the current task.
2013-02-01 Christian KandelerCheck whether stored build graph is really for our...
2013-02-01 Christian KandelerIntroduce new class SetupProjectParameters.
2013-01-29 Christian KandelerDo not hardcode the settings source in the library.
2013-01-24 Christian KandelerFix frontend output of process command line.
2013-01-22 Christian KandelerIntroduce the "install" command.
2013-01-17 Christian KandelerReport a proper Error in reportWarning().
2013-01-15 Tobias HungerAllow for setting the environment to be used
2013-01-11 Tobias HungerDo not write directly into logger
2013-01-09 Joerg Bornemannupdate copyright year
2012-12-11 Christian KandelerMake the "run" command easier to use.
2012-12-11 Christian KandelerAdd command-line support for removing all build artifacts. v0.2.0
2012-12-06 Christian KandelerSome improvements to canceling functionality.
2012-12-06 Christian KandelerMake it possible to mark the build artifacts as up...
2012-12-05 Christian KandelerRedo help output.
2012-11-28 Christian KandelerDo not allow more than one build configuration with...
2012-11-27 Christian KandelerMake the public API asynchronous.