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2011-10-26 Tomaz Noletochicken-wranglers: Adding the brilliant designers of... master
2011-10-25 Tomaz Noletochicken-wranglers: Initial commit
2011-03-03 Anselmo Lacerda... RadioTuner
2011-03-03 Anselmo Lacerda... CoffeeTweed
2011-03-03 Anselmo Lacerda... weather-qml
2011-03-03 Anselmo Lacerda... Update gitignore
2011-03-03 Anselmo Lacerda... qtfliyingbus: debian rules, symbian wrapper
2011-03-01 Simon HausmannAdd a bunch of new mobile demos from INdT
2010-08-19 Thiago MacieiraUpdate license headers to allow inclusion into other...
2010-05-30 Anselmo Lacerda... mybudget: updated for Maemo5 PR 1.2 maemo5-pr1.2
2010-05-30 Anselmo Lacerda... weather: Updated for Maemo 5 PR 1.2
2010-05-30 Anselmo Lacerda... weather: code moved to src/
2010-05-30 Anselmo Lacerda... shoplist: Updating debian files for PR1.2
2010-05-30 Anselmo Lacerda... shoplist: New dir strucure for the Shopping List demo
2010-05-30 Anselmo Lacerda... gitignore: More files added
2010-05-30 Anselmo Lacerda... A script to simplify maemo packaging
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7 years ago maemo5-pr1.2
8 years ago extras-devel-1
8 years ago release-4.6.0
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