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last changeFri, 1 Nov 2013 13:07:32 +0000 (14:07 +0100)
2013-11-01 Milian WolffCode is now upstream: master
2013-10-23 Milian WolffUpdate README
2013-10-23 Milian WolffCleanup code and get rid of QObjectWrapper and friends.
2013-10-23 Milian WolffMake it possible to wrap QObject's on the fly.
2013-10-23 Milian WolffMake it possible to start the examples from a different...
2013-10-23 Milian WolffGreatly optimize WebChannel in various ways.
2013-10-23 Milian WolffUse QStringLiteral here.
2013-10-23 Milian WolffOptimize: If no callback is given, send data directly...
2013-10-23 Milian WolffAdd debug method to webchannel.
2013-10-23 Milian WolffOptimize: Share more byte array literals.
2013-10-23 Milian WolffOptimize: create the web socket header only once.
2013-09-05 Milian WolffAllow IP's in base url.
2013-07-08 Thomas McGuireFix wrapping of execId 1
2013-04-09 Milian WolffMake it possible to connect multiple WebChannels to...
2013-03-28 Milian WolffUse instead of localhost.
2013-03-28 Milian WolffGracefully handle requests/responses without data.
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