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2013-12-08 JoniFix the build with MSVC compiler on Windows as discusse... lywoon master
2013-12-08 Samu VoutilainenBundle example sources with installation
2013-12-08 Samu VoutilainenModify examples.bat to include examples source jar.
2013-12-08 Samu VoutilainenMake examples.bat to include correct native jar.
2013-12-08 Samu VoutilainenDeploy with new ChangeLog file.
2013-12-08 Samu VoutilainenAdded ChangeLog
2013-12-08 Samu Voutilainenwindows installer: use VersionSuffix in exe name
2013-12-08 Samu VoutilainenAdd libstdc++-6.dll within Windows installation
2013-12-08 Samu VoutilainenNew changelog for 4.8.5-beta2 release
2013-12-08 Samu VoutilainenRemove inclusion of native jar from designer.bat
2013-12-08 Samu VoutilainenModify windows installer to work with Qt 4.8.5
2013-11-06 Diggory HardyTrim some invisible space
2013-11-06 Diggory HardyAdded a readme file
2013-11-06 Xerxes Rånbyjuic/javawriteinitialization.cpp: std::String to char...
2013-08-31 JoniaboutQtJambi() - Update old information regarding websi...
2013-08-20 JoniFix for Bug 288 - [JUIC] - Proper Line Support - Vertic...
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