last changeMon, 26 May 2014 14:27:32 +0000 (15:27 +0100)
2014-05-26 Richard J.... Reimplement nextPendingConnection() to return a QSslSoc... master
2014-05-25 Richard J.... Add an example that provides an HTTP and HTTPS server.
2014-04-13 Richard J.... Add a more powerful certificate change monitor.
2014-04-13 Richard J.... Show how we can set the ciphers for the server.
2014-04-13 Richard J.... Add protocol version info.
2014-04-13 Richard J.... Add target to the pro file.
2014-03-10 Richard J.... Fix build
2014-03-10 Richard J.... Add indicator for PFS support.
2014-03-10 Richard J.... Dump if we support SSL and the library version.
2014-03-08 Richard J.... Add mapToGlobal() example.
2014-02-08 Richard J.... Ensure that code using peek() will work with the custom...
2014-01-12 Richard J.... Add a Qt5 version of sslinfo
2013-03-02 Richard MooreRemove the sslerror handling since it's confusing and...
2013-03-02 Richard MooreAdd reporting of ssl errors and support for qt5.
2013-03-02 Richard MooreAdd an example of a simple SSL server.
2013-01-26 Richard MooreAdd an example of a draggable label.
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