2014-11-25 Christian StengerPerforce: Fix compile v3.3.0-rc1
2014-11-25 Fawzi Mohamedqmljs: cleanup
2014-11-25 hjkDebugger: Require some clang version for clang specific...
2014-11-25 hjkPerforce: Don't crash on large log output
2014-11-25 Eike ZillerRevert "ToolChains: Do not list ToolChains removed...
2014-11-25 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Fix name for api level 20
2014-11-25 Eike ZillerExtending Doc: Add warning about what the Qt Creator...
2014-11-25 Leena MiettinenDoc: update info about other build systems than qmake
2014-11-25 Fawzi Mohamedqmljs: avoid storing qmltypes and qmlproject
2014-11-25 hjkSsh: Remove wrong Q_ASSERT in SshRemoteProcess destructor
2014-11-25 Kai KoehneDoc: Improve description of "Qt mkspec" field
2014-11-25 Orgad ShanehElfReader: Catch bad_alloc exception
2014-11-24 Tobias HungerToolChains: Do not list ToolChains removed by the sdktool
2014-11-24 Orgad ShanehUtils: Fix memory leak in JsonMemoryPool
2014-11-24 Topi ReinioDoc: Prepare Qt Creator manual for the qt.io online...
2014-11-24 Nikolai KosjarCppTools: Remove QTC_ASSERT
2014-11-24 Orgad ShanehValgrind: Fix memory leak
2014-11-24 Daniel TeskeProjectExplorer: Fix disabled "Close Project" after...
2014-11-24 Daniel TeskeSettingsDialog: Fix default button
2014-11-24 Leena MiettinenDoc: remove support for building docs with Qt 4
2014-11-24 Eike ZillerOS X: Add background image to installer and update...
2014-11-24 Eskil Abrahamsen... Android: Fix deployment of release builds with Qt 5...
2014-11-21 hjkProjectExplorer: Compile fix after 78f1b24c
2014-11-21 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Add separate method to get stringified...
2014-11-21 Tobias HungerJsonKitsPage: Clarify unexpanded/expanded project path
2014-11-21 Daniel TeskeAndroid Settings Dialog: Fix tab order
2014-11-21 hjkDebugger: Adjust std::vector<bool> dumper autotest...
2014-11-21 hjkDebugger: Add ability to check for clang version in...
2014-11-21 Orgad ShanehCore: Fix memory leak
2014-11-21 Daniel TeskeBaseQtVersion: Rename isInSourceDirectory to isSubProje...
2014-11-21 Tobias HungerSVN: Fix checkout wizard
2014-11-21 Leena MiettinenDoc: update accelbubble example source file
2014-11-21 Leena MiettinenDoc: replace Text type with Label type
2014-11-21 Orgad ShanehQbsPM: Fix memory leaks
2014-11-21 Leena MiettinenDoc: remove built-in from theme names
2014-11-21 Orgad ShanehPluginManager: Fix potential leak
2014-11-21 Ulf HermannQmlProfiler: use correct row heights for binding loop...
2014-11-21 Orgad ShanehQmlProfiler: Fix memory leak
2014-11-21 Orgad ShanehTheming: Do not append (built-in) to themes
2014-11-20 Friedemann... Resource editor: Fix paste.
2014-11-20 Tobias HungerFormWizard: Fix newlines being escaped in generated...
2014-11-20 Ulf HermannQmlProfiler: Center the binding loop marker on events...
2014-11-20 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Don't default to gradle
2014-11-20 Leena MiettinenDoc: Paste Clipboard command was removed
2014-11-20 Kai KoehneFix license headers
2014-11-20 Daniel TeskeCMake: Add logging output to file -> target mapping
2014-11-20 Daniel TeskeCMake: Further fine tune file -> target mapping
2014-11-20 Daniel TeskeCMake: Fine tune finding a suitable targets for files
2014-11-20 Orgad ShanehTheming: Hide the buttons in the theme selector
2014-11-20 Tobias HungerQtKitInformation: Report correct version Id
2014-11-20 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Code cleanup
2014-11-20 Daniel TeskeJsonSummaryPage: Fix selection of best project node
2014-11-20 Eike ZillerRevert "Add Qt build date to about dialog"
2014-11-20 Christian StengerProjectPartBuild: Fix framework paths
2014-11-20 Nikolai KosjarQbsProject: Make initial CppTools::ProjectInfo valid
2014-11-20 Christian KandelerQmlJS: Fix potential null pointer access.
2014-11-20 Daniel TeskeQmakeProject: Fix crash on unloading projects
2014-11-20 Daniel TeskeQmakeProject: Fix crash on unloading project while...
2014-11-20 Alex BlascheFix broken debugging on Android 5.0
2014-11-20 Christian StengerTest: Fix valgrind auto test
2014-11-20 Daniel TeskeQmakeProject: Set current Node after first parse
2014-11-20 Orgad ShanehTheming: Cache display name in ThemeSettingsWidget
2014-11-20 Orgad ShanehTheming: Do not use absolute path for built-in themes
2014-11-20 Orgad ShanehTheming: Store initial palette
2014-11-20 Eike ZillerAdd Qt build date to about dialog
2014-11-20 Leena MiettinenDoc: package signing process for Android apps
2014-11-20 Leena MiettinenDoc: updated the instructions for writing documentation
2014-11-19 Fawzi Mohamedqmljs: avoid warnings for empty qmltypes files
2014-11-19 Alessandro... A shell script for creating application icons
2014-11-19 Alessandro... Updated Qt Creator application logos
2014-11-19 Ulf HermannAnalyzer: Trigger stopIt() only once when pressing...
2014-11-19 Nikolai KosjarC++: Fix highlighting after "invalid code"
2014-11-19 Leena MiettinenDoc: replace "Applications" with "Application"
2014-11-19 Christian KandelerQbsProjectManager: Fix Per-product build.
2014-11-19 Christian KandelerQbsProjectManager: Fix infinite loop on per-product...
2014-11-19 hjkDebugger: Reset "Load system GDB pretty printer" option...
2014-11-19 Christian KandelerBotan: Fix potential null pointer access.
2014-11-19 Christian KandelerQmlProfiler: Fix potential null pointer access.
2014-11-19 Orgad ShanehVCS: Remove redundant qualifications
2014-11-19 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Support fixup expandos for lineedits on...
2014-11-19 Christian KandelerQbsProjectManager: Add missing return statement.
2014-11-19 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.instances: Always use distance field text...
2014-11-19 Christian KandelerDiffEditor: Remove pointless assignment.
2014-11-19 David SchulzTextEditor: Fix file encoding settings.
2014-11-19 Fawzi Mohamediostool: fix arguments passed to the subprocess
2014-11-19 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner: Fixing highlighting for UrlChooser
2014-11-19 Christian KandelerVcsBase: Fix potential null pointer access.
2014-11-18 BogDan VatraFix potential crash.
2014-11-18 hjkDebugger: Centralize handling of optimized out values...
2014-11-18 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Fix abi detection for 64bit devices
2014-11-18 Christian StengerTests: Fix tst_fileutils for Qt5.4+
2014-11-18 hjkDebugger: Rename Debugger:EngineType to Debugger:Type
2014-11-18 Nikolai KosjarC++: Stop parsing a declaration after two tries
2014-11-18 Eskil Abrahamsen... Android: Fix installing signed packages
2014-11-18 Ulf HermannQmlProfiler: Fix toggling of internal client recording...
2014-11-18 Eskil Abrahamsen... Android: Don't create unsigned packages
2014-11-18 Daniel TeskeProjectExplorer: Fix crash on renaming
2014-11-18 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Make Bundle Qt Deployment the default deployme...
2014-11-18 Leena MiettinenDoc: selecting and customizing themes
2014-11-18 Robert LoehningSquish: Waiting for "Cancel" button to come and go