2014-10-29 Eike ZillerChange log additions v3.3.0-beta1
2014-10-29 hjkVcs: Pass EditorWidgetCreator as copy to factory
2014-10-29 Orgad ShanehTextEditor: Avoid unneeded indirection
2014-10-28 Eike ZillerTemporarily (?) remove make dependencies on deployqt...
2014-10-28 Eike ZillerOS X: Avoid running macdeployqt twice and add more...
2014-10-28 Christian KandelerUpdate qbs submodule.
2014-10-28 Joerg Bornemannfix focus of the OpenEditorsWindow
2014-10-28 Robert LoehningSquish: Test renaming of includes
2014-10-28 David SchulzCdbExt: Determine the Qt version in static builds.
2014-10-28 David SchulzCdb: Replace postCommand("g") with doContinueInferior.
2014-10-28 Christian KandelerDisable UpdateInfo plugin also with qbs build.
2014-10-28 Robert LoehningSquish: Wait for C++-parsing in tst_rename_file
2014-10-28 Eike ZillerVersion bump
2014-10-28 Robert LoehningSquish: Test more templates
2014-10-28 Eike ZillerDebugger engine types: Add note about keeping compatibility
2014-10-28 David SchulzCdbExt: Don't add the 'd' prefix for debug builds.
2014-10-28 David SchulzDebugger: Fix crash after creator shutdown
2014-10-28 David SchulzDebugger: Fix attach external application.
2014-10-28 David SchulzDeploy the cdb extension to the lib directory.
2014-10-27 Daniel TeskeQmakeProject: Fix renaming waits 3s for reparse
2014-10-27 Daniel TeskeQmakeProject: SetCurrentNode after renaming
2014-10-27 hjkUse fileSystemFriendlyName() accessor instead of member
2014-10-27 hjkReplace some genitive of lifeless things
2014-10-27 Christian KandelerUpdate qbs submodule.
2014-10-27 hjkExpand CurrentKit:* also in local kit expanders
2014-10-27 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Fix wrong comparison operator
2014-10-27 Daniel TeskeAndroidDeployQtStep: Fix deployment for qt 5.3
2014-10-27 David SchulzCompile fix for the cdb extension.
2014-10-27 David SchulzFix detection of cdb path in qbs project file.
2014-10-27 Eike ZillerOS X: deployqtHelper: never deploy anyting twice
2014-10-24 Nikita BaryshnikovGit: Show diff-stat in change selection dialog
2014-10-24 Eike ZillerOS X: make qt version name field in options grow
2014-10-24 Ulf HermannQmlProfiler: Properly initialize features bit field
2014-10-24 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Replace Python class wizard with a JsonWizard
2014-10-24 Daniel TeskeDetect qt sub projects and special case their build...
2014-10-24 Robert LoehningFix compile
2014-10-24 Eike ZillerQt version: Fix macro usage in default display names
2014-10-24 Tobias HungerGccToolchain: Fix language variant detection
2014-10-24 jkobusFix reloading of patch files
2014-10-24 Ulf HermannDebugger: notify engine if remote process finishes...
2014-10-24 hjkClean up QmakeProjectImporter
2014-10-24 Tobias HungerKits: Avoid some more calls to displayName()
2014-10-24 Tobias HungerKitManager: Introduce sortedKits() method
2014-10-23 Orgad ShanehFix compilation
2014-10-23 Tobias HungerTaskWindow: Do not print negative badge counts
2014-10-23 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Make TargetSetupPage available to JsonWizards
2014-10-23 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Clean up page factories
2014-10-23 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Add page to query for project parameters
2014-10-23 hjkDebugger: Replace debuggerCore() by equivalent free...
2014-10-23 Orgad ShanehTheming: Fix light colored find widgets style
2014-10-23 Francois FerrandCppTools: restore C++ diagnostics messages.
2014-10-23 Francois FerrandAdd API in texteditor to let plugins contribute extra...
2014-10-23 hjkAdd MacroExpander member to ProjectConfiguration
2014-10-23 hjkDissolve KitMacroExpander class
2014-10-23 hjkRemove KitInformationMacroExpander
2014-10-23 hjkAdjust ProjectMacroExpander to not use resolveMacro
2014-10-23 David SchulzCdbExt: Version bump to 3.3
2014-10-23 hjkRestore JsonWizard expander functionality
2014-10-23 Francois FerrandCppTools: Fix C++ diagnostics hightlighting.
2014-10-23 Orgad ShanehFix MSVC2010 compilation
2014-10-23 Eike ZillerHelp Search: Fix re-index button
2014-10-23 David SchulzFix project file in the script wizard example.
2014-10-22 hjkDebugger: Use Qt5-style connects in DebuggerKitConfigWidget
2014-10-22 hjkKitInformation: Compile for GCC 4.7.2
2014-10-22 Eike ZillerHelp: Save home page in Qt Creator settings instead...
2014-10-22 hjkCapitalize macro names
2014-10-22 hjkMake DeviceKitInformation available to macro expander
2014-10-22 Orgad ShanehGenericHighlighter: Update from latest KTextEditor...
2014-10-22 Eike ZillerVariable chooser: Handle geometry updates of (line...
2014-10-22 Robert LoehningSquish: Update object
2014-10-22 Robert LoehningSquish: Remove Windows-only files from expected tree
2014-10-22 Daniel TeskeProjectTree: Fix saving of tree expansion state in...
2014-10-22 Daniel TeskeAbastractProcessStep; Check that creating the build...
2014-10-22 Eike ZillerClassView: Simplify code
2014-10-22 hjkDebugger: Remove the special do-nothing-if-not-moved...
2014-10-22 Christian StengerProjectExplorer: Fix compile for older gcc
2014-10-22 Nikolai KosjarCppEditor: Merge AddIncludeForForwardDeclaration into...
2014-10-22 Nikolai KosjarAnalyzerBase: Fix opening links with Windows drive...
2014-10-22 Tim JenssenQmlDesigner: create DesignerSupport on stack
2014-10-22 hjkAdd Kit ID to macro expansions
2014-10-22 Francois FerrandUse tab width in search results.
2014-10-22 hjkMove uses of ProjectMacroExpander closer to build confi...
2014-10-22 hjkMacroExpander: Set the "legacy" global project values...
2014-10-22 hjkUtils: MacroExpander API cosmetics.
2014-10-22 hjkQbsProject: namespaces and Qt 5 connects in build confi...
2014-10-22 Nikolai KosjarDoc: Document cycling through namespace in class view
2014-10-22 Orgad ShanehTheme: Delete on shutdown
2014-10-22 Orgad ShanehTheming: Remove now unused variable
2014-10-21 Eike ZillerHelp: Fix funny blank page when opening same URL again
2014-10-21 hjkMake expanders work with subexpanders
2014-10-21 Robert LoehningNormalize connect()s
2014-10-21 Robert LoehningSquish: No need to enable qbs explicitly
2014-10-21 Robert LoehningSquish: Fix tst_openqt_creator
2014-10-21 Daniel TeskeGenericProjectManager: Remove never used pkgconfigtool...
2014-10-21 BogDan VatraMake sure apps that are using Qt < 5.4 are really unins...
2014-10-21 Nikolai KosjarCppTools: Remove last traces of CppEditorSupport
2014-10-21 hjkFakeVim: Use a bool to indicate recording, not QString...
2014-10-21 Erik VerbruggenC++: fix multi-line continuation handling.
2014-10-21 hjkCPlusPlus: Inline some Literals members
2014-10-21 hjkDebugger: Go back to normal after attempting to kill GDB