2014-08-01 Tim JenssenQmlDesigner: SharedMemory key needs to be the same... v3.2.0-rc1
2014-08-01 Tim JenssenQmlPuppet: Fix compile with Qt older than 5.2
2014-08-01 Fawzi Mohamedqmljs: do not try to dump without uri
2014-08-01 Daniel TeskeCmakeProject: Don't crash on addKit + cancel
2014-07-31 Alessandro... Make strings translatable
2014-07-31 Tim JenssenQmlDesigner: use explicit build type for puppet creation
2014-07-31 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Prevent crash if running on a terget without...
2014-07-31 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Always use fall back puppet
2014-07-31 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Use a POSIX shared memory for unix
2014-07-31 hjkRevert "Debugger: Weaken abi check for attaching to...
2014-07-31 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Check directory and not anymore only direc...
2014-07-31 Christian KandelerSet the minimum qbs version on the project.
2014-07-31 Christian KandelerUpdate qbs submodule.
2014-07-31 Daniel TeskeRunControlFactories: No need to check for isConfigured
2014-07-31 Leena MiettinenDoc: make the running instructions be about kit selector
2014-07-31 Daniel TeskeDebuggerRunControlFactory::createAndScheduleRun: Remove...
2014-07-31 Orgad ShanehDebugger: Fix comparison of wrong value
2014-07-30 Leena MiettinenDoc: explain all build commands in one place
2014-07-30 Leena MiettinenDoc: some writing style fixes
2014-07-30 Leena MiettinenDoc: update FakeVim options screenshot
2014-07-30 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.ItemLibrary: Remove Flipable
2014-07-30 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.ItemLibrary: Remove StatusBar and ToolBar
2014-07-30 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix quick1 tests
2014-07-30 Tim JenssenQmlDesigner: read window mock from file
2014-07-30 Leena MiettinenDoc: remove unnecessary nested lists
2014-07-30 Leena MiettinenDoc: add info about Qt Quick Dialogs and Layouts
2014-07-30 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix reset width and height
2014-07-30 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Remove superfluous function call
2014-07-30 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix quotes for mac quick1 puppet
2014-07-30 hjkDebugger: Prefer GDB on Linux and LLDB on Mac in defaul...
2014-07-30 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Set a proper maximum value...
2014-07-30 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.Rewriter: We officially support Qt Quick 2.3
2014-07-30 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: This is not a property...
2014-07-30 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Do not show ExtendedFunctio...
2014-07-30 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Fix wrong return values
2014-07-30 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Fixing usability issue...
2014-07-30 Christian StengerCore: remove deleted files from qbs file
2014-07-30 Friedemann... Android: Fix compilation with Qt 4.
2014-07-30 Leena MiettinenDebugger: fix typo in UI text
2014-07-30 Leena MiettinenDoc: fix typos in the WinRT topic
2014-07-30 Orgad ShanehGit: Parse for-each-ref output as UTF-8
2014-07-29 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix d&d in navigator
2014-07-29 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix enumerations properties
2014-07-29 Robert LoehningSquish: Replace Qt 5.0 by Qt 5.3
2014-07-29 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Get whole values for value types too.
2014-07-29 Fawzi Mohamedios: fix deploy script for iossim_1_8_2
2014-07-29 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Warn about broken gdbs on every platform
2014-07-29 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Fix tooltip property
2014-07-29 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Select new created gradient...
2014-07-29 Leena MiettinenDoc: including Android permissions needed by Qt
2014-07-29 Leena MiettinenDoc: fix change field name
2014-07-29 Christian KandelerUpdate qbs submodule.
2014-07-29 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Use DesignerScrollViewStyle
2014-07-29 Daniel TeskeGenericProject: Don't show externally modified dialog...
2014-07-29 Daniel TeskeGenericProject: Also change .include on adding files
2014-07-29 Daniel TeskeGenericProject: Fix logic for refresh(Everything)
2014-07-29 hjkDebugger: Weaken abi check for attaching to local process
2014-07-28 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Fix selection in gradient...
2014-07-28 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Fix bug in line edit
2014-07-28 Marco BubkeFix debug to running application
2014-07-28 Tim JenssenQmlDesigner: remove unnecessary qrc file
2014-07-28 Tim JenssenQmlDesigner: avoid comment in comment warning on MSVC2010
2014-07-28 Christian StengerSquish: Revive WELP01 for Squish 5.1.1+
2014-07-28 Orgad ShanehBareMetal: Unviolate string freeze
2014-07-28 Nikolai KosjarC++: Tests: Remove plain-cplusplus
2014-07-28 Christian KandelerQbsProjectManager: Re-retrieve project data after build.
2014-07-28 Jarek KobusDiffEditor: Fix newline handling for not the last chunk
2014-07-28 Orgad ShanehDiffEditor: Add a failing test for regression
2014-07-28 Orgad ShanehDiffEditor: Tests cleanup
2014-07-28 Orgad ShanehBareMetal: Do not execute if executable not found
2014-07-28 Orgad ShanehFix Qt4 compilation
2014-07-26 Thomas OttoLoadCoreDialog: only try reading from existing corefile
2014-07-25 Leena MiettinenDoc: change doc to reflect the UI
2014-07-25 Alessandro... ProjectExplorer: Fix the download Url for jom
2014-07-25 Leena MiettinenDoc: fix typo in "Window" menu name
2014-07-25 Thomas OttoKitChooser: added focus proxy
2014-07-25 Leena MiettinenDoc: fix changed Valgrind function names
2014-07-25 Leena MiettinenDoc: add Qbs build options
2014-07-25 Christian StengerQbsProjectManager: Fix compile
2014-07-24 Jake PetroulesQbs: Set cpp.xcodeSdkName and cpp.xcodeSdkVersion.
2014-07-24 Christian StengerDumper: Fix typo and exception handling
2014-07-24 Eike ZillerVersion bump
2014-07-24 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Fix modified flag for changes to the applicati...
2014-07-24 Eike ZillerHelp: Fix crash when closing external help window
2014-07-24 Christian KandelerQbsProjectManager: Do not offer to add and remove files...
2014-07-24 Eike ZillerAdd more change log
2014-07-24 Christian KandelerProjectExplorer: Do not offer "Remove Project" uncondit...
2014-07-24 Nikolai KosjarCppTools: Auto-include pre-compiled headers
2014-07-24 Nikolai KosjarCppTools: Fix Switch Header/Source going to wrong file
2014-07-24 Nikolai KosjarCppEditor: Fix "Complete Switch Statement"
2014-07-24 Nikolai KosjarC++: Fix expensive parsing of expressions
2014-07-24 Nikolai KosjarC++: Tests: Run ASTVisitor on parsed document
2014-07-24 Nikolai KosjarC++: Remove superfluous declarations in Parser
2014-07-24 Erik VerbruggenObjC++: also index ObjC symbols.
2014-07-24 hjkAnalyzer: Use a more common default value for the initi...
2014-07-24 hjkAnalyzer: Set dockwidget title on inner widget first
2014-07-24 Tobias HungerAbi: Remove endianness from ABI
2014-07-24 Tobias HungerQbs: Read systemIncludePath and make them available...
2014-07-23 Tim SanderRemoteLinux: Fix arguments for remote debugging.
2014-07-23 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Check for broken gdb on mac