2015-05-15 Alessandro... ProjectManager: Qt Quick application templates via... master
2015-05-15 Eike ZillerFix that activation mode default was accidentally chang...
2015-05-15 Marcel KremsReplace QRegExp with QRegularExpression in FileSearch.
2015-05-15 Eike ZillerFileSearch: Avoid copy of function object.
2015-05-15 Tobias HungerSubversion: Replace Subversion Checkout wizard
2015-05-15 Tobias HungerCVS: Replace CVS checkout wizard with a Json wizard
2015-05-15 Tobias HungerProjectSummaryPage: Report no VersionControl as ""
2015-05-15 Eike ZillerQmlProfiler: Improvements to searching timeline event...
2015-05-13 hjkValgrind: Code cosmetics
2015-05-13 Tobias HungerEditorManager: Fix opening of editors based on editor id
2015-05-13 Tobias HungerJsonFieldPage: Make the page honor the theme settings
2015-05-13 Nikolai KosjarTextEditor: Optimize alignment in class Parenthesis wip/boostbuildprojectmanager
2015-05-13 Eike ZillerExamples: Better check for non-writable location
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerJsonFieldPage: Support tooltips for all fields
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerJsExpander: Add methods to test file/directory existence
2015-05-12 Orgad ShanehC++: Remove Dumpers
2015-05-12 hjkDebugger: Disable watcher removals
2015-05-12 hjkAdd TerminalAspect convenience accessor
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Trigger complete change when triggering...
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Handle Keepers when asking to override...
2015-05-12 Christian StengerMake shootout test work on OSX
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerJsonFieldPage: Add isComplete and incompleteMessage...
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerShellCommandPage: Handle reject
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Allow to delegate accept/reject to the...
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerShellCommandPage: Disable/enable back button
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerVcs: Make VcsCommandPage available to JsonWizards
2015-05-12 hjkCMake: Use TerminalAspect in CMakeRunConfiguration
2015-05-12 hjkQbs: Use WorkingDirectoryAspect in QbsRunConfiguration
2015-05-12 hjkProjectExplorer: Rename TerminalAspect::m_isForced...
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Add a generator that just scans an existing...
2015-05-12 hjkAdd std::map case for initializer list codesize shootou...
2015-05-12 hjkFakeVim: Use more direct construction in vimKeyNames
2015-05-12 hjkAdd codesize shootout test for map initialization
2015-05-12 Daniel TeskeEditorManager: If opening a editor fails, offer other...
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Add default implementation
2015-05-12 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Move code for opening files into JsonWizard
2015-05-11 Ray Donnellyautotools: Set a default buildDir
2015-05-11 Lukas HolecekFakeVim: Allow to remap shortcuts
2015-05-11 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Simplify handling of bools via JS
2015-05-11 Tobias HungerCheckoutWizards: Use IVersionControl::createInitialChec...
2015-05-11 Tobias HungerUtils: Add a WizardPage to show progress of a ShellCommand
2015-05-11 Tobias HungerCheckoutWizards: Simplify code to look up specific...
2015-05-11 Tobias HungerIVersionControl: Add method to get a ShellCommand for...
2015-05-11 Ray DonnellyDebugger: Handle case of os.path.sep being '/'
2015-05-10 Orgad ShanehGit: Use side-by-side layout for Fixup Previous Commit
2015-05-08 Leena MiettinenDoc: Qt Quick 1.1 component was removed from wizard
2015-05-08 Daniel TeskeSettingsAccessor: Also read hidden or system files
2015-05-08 Tobias HungerVcs: Sprinkle overrides over IVersionControls
2015-05-08 hjkDebugger: Some Python 3 support for PdbEngine
2015-05-08 Nikita BaryshnikovBareMetal: fix warning
2015-05-08 hjkDebugger: Use simpler construction of basic types in...
2015-05-08 Nikita BaryshnikovEditorManager: do not show endless errors
2015-05-08 Eike ZillerManhattanStyle: Remove unused special property
2015-05-08 hjkTextEditor: Simplify definitiondowloader.h
2015-05-08 Denis KormalevToDo: Proper filenames eliding
2015-05-07 Eike ZillerManhattanStyle: Fix size of field in form layouts on...
2015-05-07 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Properly quote parameters to make install
2015-05-07 Eike ZillerUpdate change log
2015-05-07 Eike ZillerCommandMappings: Do special filtering only for keyboard...
2015-05-07 Alexander DrozdovFix loading project settings
2015-05-07 Tobias HungerShellCommand: Rename some signals
2015-05-07 Orgad ShanehC++ Dumper: Fix potential endless loop on invalid pointer
2015-05-07 Eike ZillerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.4'
2015-05-07 hjkValgrind: Use some initializer lists when appropriate
2015-05-07 Eike ZillerRefactor CommandMappings to be a widget instead of...
2015-05-07 Eike ZillerDebugger: Fix attaching to running debug server
2015-05-07 Tobias HungerSubversionClient: Use Qt5 style connect
2015-05-07 Daniel TeskeProjectExplorer: Fix to eager clearing of output window
2015-05-07 Christian KandelerQbsProjectManager: Fix deriving qbs profile names from...
2015-05-07 hjkPathChooser: Use a std::function as callback
2015-05-07 hjkCPaster: Remove unneeded declaration
2015-05-06 Eike ZillerGet rid of FancyLineEdit::validate
2015-05-06 Tobias HungerCore: Remove some unused images
2015-05-06 Daniel TeskePersistentData: Allow for user types with suitable...
2015-05-06 Daniel TeskeProjectTree::currentProject: Introduce a fall back...
2015-05-06 David SchulzEditor: Do not assign unknown style to text style.
2015-05-06 Daniel TeskeFix Add Library for static libraries
2015-05-06 Christian KandelerRemove some workarounds for Qt bugs that have been...
2015-05-06 Robert LoehningClass view: Fix expanding of items on double click
2015-05-06 David SchulzCdbExt: Setting actively which nodes should be expanded.
2015-05-06 hjkDebugger: Fix GDB hanging
2015-05-05 Cristian AdamPerforce: Ability to use multiple workspaces/projects
2015-05-05 Christian KandelerDevice support: Only restore SSH options if we really...
2015-05-05 Christian Kandelerqbs build: Don't treat templates directories as artifacts.
2015-05-05 Christian KandelerUpdate qbs submodule.
2015-05-05 Orgad ShanehC++: Fix highlighting of member on indirect specializat...
2015-05-05 Orgad ShanehCppEditor: Support qDebug() for OverrideItem in tests
2015-05-05 Orgad ShanehC++: Minor optimization in ResolveExpression
2015-05-05 Orgad ShanehC++: Fix commented debug in preprocessor
2015-05-05 Orgad ShanehC++: Remove redundant assignment
2015-05-05 Christian StengerVcs: Fix compilation for gcc 4.7.3
2015-05-04 Tobias HungerVcs: Split up VcsCommand
2015-05-04 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Treat no visible page the same as no page...
2015-05-04 Tobias HungerVcs: Make VcsConfiguration page trigger on config changes
2015-05-04 Tobias HungerJsonWizard: Remove error reporting when a key was not...
2015-05-04 Tobias HungerQmlDesigner: Remove unused files
2015-05-04 Leena MiettinenDoc: update the Qt Quick application tutorial
2015-05-04 Tobias HungerSdktool: Add switch to set environment for kits.
2015-05-04 Tobias HungerSdktool: Fix default kit handling
2015-05-04 M. MoellneyAdd missing qmake functions to profile completer