2014-04-28 hjkDebugger: Rework GDB disassembly display
2014-04-28 hlukFakeVim: Command 'gv' restores visual selection after...
2014-04-28 hlukFakeVim: Move cursor when repeating 't' command once...
2014-04-28 Daniel TeskeQnx/BlackberryQtVersion: Remove unsupported features...
2014-04-28 Daniel TeskeAndroidQtVersion: Remove unsupported features: webkit...
2014-04-28 David SchulzCore: Add find bar to the general message pane.
2014-04-26 Christian KandelerValgrind: Fix display name for analyzing remote externa...
2014-04-25 Orgad ShanehGit: Avoid superfluous execution of git status on commit
2014-04-25 Orgad ShanehGit: Suppress command logging for internal git-remote...
2014-04-25 Daniel TeskeOverViewComboBox: Move creation of TreeView into ctor
2014-04-25 Daniel TeskeOverviewComboBox: coding style
2014-04-25 Daniel TeskeOverViewComboBox: Remove ::sync method, call expandAll...
2014-04-25 Daniel TeskeCppEditor::OverViewTreeView: Don't depend on ICore...
2014-04-25 Daniel TeskeProjectWizardExtension: Increase size of project combobox
2014-04-25 Alessandro... qmakeprojectmanager: Native separators in import()...
2014-04-25 Daniel TeskeNew File Wizard: Tweak combo box resizing
2014-04-25 Leena MiettinenDoc: remove information about Necessitas SDK
2014-04-25 David SchulzCDB: Do not break on initial breakpoints.
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Refactor NavigatorTreeModel::removeSubTree
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix short name in NavigatorTreeModel:...
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: remove nodeForHash
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Remove double check
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Remove NavigatorTreeModel::containsNode
2014-04-24 Daniel TeskeProjectWizard: Remove unused method hideProjectComboBox
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Remove spaces
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix short name
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Refactor NavigatorTreeModel::addSubTree
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Simplify NavigatorView::propertiesAboutToB...
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix hash in NavigatorTreeModel::createItemRow
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: ModelNode allDirectSubModelNodes to direct...
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesiger: Expose NodeAbstractProperty::directSubNodes
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Always compile the puppet with release
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Use -after for qmake in PuppetCreator
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Refactor positioning code in NavigatorTree...
2014-04-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Refactor anchor lines
2014-04-23 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Refactor clear position code in NavigatorT...
2014-04-23 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Exchange << with append
2014-04-23 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Cleanup the invisible code in the Navigator
2014-04-23 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Remove m_nodeHash from NavigatorTreeModel
2014-04-23 Marco BubkeQmllDesigner: Refactoring to use allSubModelNodesAndThi...
2014-04-23 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Add removeAuxiliaryData to ModelNode
2014-04-23 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Add allSubModelNodesAndThisNode to ModelNode
2014-04-22 Friedemann... Open projects from file system view.
2014-04-22 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix writing back of unchanged values in...
2014-04-22 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Export locking in GradiantModel
2014-04-22 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Make error text more clear
2014-04-22 Christian KandelerUse double quotes instead of single quotes as per our...
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Loading of the plugin in initialize
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Reset fallback default
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Check if the Qt installation is updated
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeRevert "QmlDesigner: Hotfix for older puppets"
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Fix ignored properties for reparenting
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Wait that the sockets are written before...
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Merge GraphicalNodeInstance back in QuickI...
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Remove QuickWindowNodeInstance
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Set root NodeInstance as root item in...
2014-04-17 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Use the root NodeInstance for item collection
2014-04-17 Daniel TeskeCMakeProjectManager: Remove outdated comment
2014-04-17 Leena MiettinenDoc: add rules for UI text
2014-04-17 Robert LoehningAdd missing spaces
2014-04-16 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Activate mockups in Qml
2014-04-16 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Use only non threaded scene graph renderer
2014-04-16 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Add root item getter to ServerNodeInstance
2014-04-16 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner: Call abort instead of close for local...
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeLogChangeWidget: Fix keyboard navigation on all platforms
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeOutlineViews: Make behavior consistent with other views
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeNickNameDialog: Use Utils::TreeView
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeNickNameDialog: Use click() instead of animateClick()
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeQmlConsoleView: Use Utils::TreeView to get consistent...
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeTaskView: Fix keyboard activation on OS X by using...
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeOpen Editor popup switcher: Also accept on Enter
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeResourceEditor: Fix keyboard activation on OS X
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeSidebar: Open Editors: Simplfy code by using Utils...
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeDebuggerViews: Fix keyboard navigation on OS X
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeFolderNavigationView: Fix keyboard activation on OS X
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeGenericProposalWidget: Make Enter accept the selection too
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeCodecSelector: Use Utils::TreeView
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeTodoView: Make behavior consistent with other views
2014-04-16 Daniel TeskeQMakeProject: Fix inconsistent isAbsolutePath
2014-04-16 hjkDebugger: Fix variable name in dumper
2014-04-15 Eike ZillerFix 'clear' button position and size on HiDPI
2014-04-15 Eike ZillerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.1'
2014-04-14 Oswald Buddenhagenreplace platform conditional with QMAKE_DIRLIST_SEP
2014-04-14 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.StatesEditor: Do not allow adding states...
2014-04-14 hjkQmlPuppet: Compile fix
2014-04-14 Eike ZillerMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/3.1'
2014-04-14 Christian StengerTests: Fix wrong braces
2014-04-14 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: No transactions based on...
2014-04-14 Christian StengerTests: Fix profilewriter test
2014-04-14 Daniel TeskeAndroid: Support new android list target output
2014-04-14 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Fixing layout
2014-04-14 Christian KandelerUpdate qbs submodule. v3.1.0
2014-04-14 hjkDebugger: Fix setting breakpoints in disassembly view
2014-04-14 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Fixing colouring for FontCo...
2014-04-14 Daniel TeskeAndroid: android list target output doesn't always...
2014-04-14 Daniel TeskeCppIncludeHierarchy: Make activation consistent with...
2014-04-14 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.PropertyEditor: Fixing minimum and maximum...
2014-04-14 Daniel TeskeSearchResultTreeView: Use Utils::TreeView as base class
2014-04-14 Daniel TeskeGerritDialog: Fix keyboard activation
2014-04-14 Daniel TeskeGit: Fix keyboard activation in StashView