last changeFri, 8 Jul 2011 03:02:57 +0000 (13:02 +1000)
2011-07-08 Shane BradleyRevert "Merge branch 'master' of ../creator-main/mainline" master
2011-07-08 Shane BradleyMerge branch 'master' of ../creator-main/mainline
2011-07-07 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/2.3'
2011-07-07 Oswald Buddenhagenfix quoting of strings with spaces and backslashes...
2011-07-07 hjkdebugger: style
2011-07-07 hjkqmlpuppet: remove unneeded declarations
2011-07-07 Christiaan... QmlProfiler: removed unused images
2011-07-07 Leandro MeloUpdate changes file
2011-07-07 hjkanalyzer: remove unneeded function declaration
2011-07-07 hjkanalyzer: merge dockwidget and toolbar creation.
2011-07-07 hjkanalyzer: fix control/dockwidget construction order
2011-07-07 hjkanalyzer: postpone selecting saved tool
2011-07-07 hjkqmlprofiler: instantiate docks when using the toolbar
2011-07-07 hjkanalyzer: use an enum for StartMode and add comment...
2011-07-07 hjkanalyzer: change default dockwidget layout for callgrin...
2011-07-07 Friedemann... tr()-fix. Use Plural forms.
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