2011-03-31 Mike McQuaidMerge remote-tracking branch 'nokia/master' phase-2-delivery
2011-03-31 Mike McQuaidEnsure we avoid integer division.
2011-03-31 Mike McQuaidGeneral cleanup.
2011-03-31 Mike McQuaidEnable antialiasing to fix border weirdness.
2011-03-31 Mike McQuaidDon't set pen colour, use it from the painter.
2011-03-31 dtCMakeProjectManager: Change editing cmake files to...
2011-03-31 Mike McQuaidMerge remote-tracking branch 'nokia/master'
2011-03-31 Kevin FunkMinor: Sort include headers
2011-03-31 Kevin FunkClear selection when cost overview is shown
2011-03-31 Kevin FunkClear proxy model filters after each run
2011-03-31 Kevin FunkAdd filter project costs button
2011-03-31 Kevin FunkAdd base directory filter to the proxy
2011-03-31 Friedemann... Core/ProjectExplorer: Deprecate QDom in favour of QXmlS...
2011-03-31 Thorbjørn LindeijerDon't use OpenGL for the QML profiler trace window
2011-03-31 Christian KandelerOutput window: Fix newline handling.
2011-03-31 Mike McQuaidChange toolbar casing and wording.
2011-03-31 Friedemann... VCS[perforce,svn,vcs]: Use convenience to tag editors...
2011-03-31 Kevin FunkRemove superfluous TODOs
2011-03-31 Kevin FunkIntroduce "Go back" and "Show overview"
2011-03-31 Kevin FunkFix crash
2011-03-31 Kevin FunkMerge remote branch 'nokia/master'
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkCallgrindController: Add some error handling
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkDo not show callgrind_control output in stdout
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkVisualisation: Set minimum ratio to 0.1
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidMerge remote-tracking branch 'nokia/master'
2011-03-30 hjksubversion: fix crash introduced with a7a7d735a
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkVisualisation: Adjust minimum ratio, adjust string
2011-03-30 dtTarget Selector: Make project names unique
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkUse richtext for config widget tooltips
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkStyle: Add separator after callgrind controls
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkMinor: Fix missing newlines at EOF
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidShow hidden function count.
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidImprove appearance of visualisation margins.
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidImprove text margins in visualisation.
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidFix compilation warning.
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidImprove "all functions" visualisation text.
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkAdjust wording of the callgrind control bar
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkMinor: Remove duplicated code
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkFix another crash
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkRemove unused and unintuitve setDisplayColumn()
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkFix string in editor context menu
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidFix whitespace errors.
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidRemove test files unwanted by Nokia.
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidDon't ignore all callgrind output files.
2011-03-30 Mike McQuaidMerge remote-tracking branch 'nokia/master'
2011-03-30 dtAdd tooltip to project page doubletabwidget
2011-03-30 dtAdd a full name to DoubleTabWidget
2011-03-30 Kevin FunkUse same logic for coloring for marks and delegate
2011-03-29 dtTargetSetupPage: Show shadow build checkbox only for...
2011-03-29 dtTargetSetupPage: Minor string change
2011-03-29 dtModebar: Fix missing build icon
2011-03-29 dtRevert "Revert "Modebar Build: Build project with depen...
2011-03-29 Mike McQuaidCreate filter function item first.
2011-03-29 Mike McQuaidTry and improve possible rounding errors.
2011-03-29 Mike McQuaidImprove rectangle usage.
2011-03-29 Mike McQuaidMake visualisation colours slightly lighter.
2011-03-29 Mike McQuaidUse correct HSL color range.
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkAdd debugging facility to CallgrindVisualisation
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffno need for u parameter for ps, also fixes parsing...
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffadd --dsymutil in valgrindrunner
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffmake it possible to start remote and switch tool when...
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffask for network interface when multiple exist, esp...
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffmake it possible to pass a ssh private key for identifi...
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffproper ssh error handling
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkVisualisation: Let the proxy do the filtering
2011-03-29 Tobias HungerMaemo: Make sure MaemoToolChains can not get cloned
2011-03-29 Tobias HungerFix comments
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkProxy: Move less cost-intensive filters to top
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkProperly honor string-based filtering in the proxy
2011-03-29 Tobias HungerToolchain: Add option to make toolchain readonly
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkMove minimum inclusive cost check into proxy model
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffremove "additional arguments" from callgrind config...
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkMerge remote branch 'nokia/master'
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkMake sure profiler may start with --instr=off
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkFix controller behavior for pause and reset
2011-03-29 Tobias HungerRevert "Modebar Build: Build project with dependencies...
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffadd documentation, cleanup API a bit
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkDecrease text mark width
2011-03-29 hjkdebugger: add QXmlAttributes manual test
2011-03-29 hjkfebugger: prepare for saner handling of changed breakpoints
2011-03-29 Friedemann... Analyzer: Fix assert on Windows.
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkMarks: Use lighter bg color for the bars for now
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkConvenience methods for creating/clearing marks
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkPerformance: Drop redundant checks
2011-03-29 Kevin FunkSimplify text mark creating
2011-03-29 Christian KandelerMeego: Add --replacefiles option to rpm call.
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffuse qtc_assert instead of q_assert
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffuse QTC_ASSERT in callgrind parser
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffremove some todos and obsolete code
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffadhere to coding style
2011-03-29 Milian Wolffremove obsolete code
2011-03-29 Milian WolffMerge remote branch 'official/master'
2011-03-29 Friedemann... Debugger[CDB]: Enable tooltips for class members of...
2011-03-29 Milian WolffMeego: Allow re-installation of package with equal...
2011-03-29 Mike McQuaidUse QGraphicsRectItem: makes more sense.
2011-03-29 Mike McQuaidAdjust rectangle using pen width.
2011-03-29 hjkdebugger: update manual tests
2011-03-29 hjkdebugger: implement dumper for QRegExp
2011-03-29 hjkdebugger: add some testcode for inline constructor...
2011-03-28 dtRunControl: Show correct icon in application output