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2011-04-29 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.2'
2011-04-27 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.2'
2011-04-20 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.2'
2011-04-18 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.2'
2011-04-14 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge branch '2.2'
2011-04-07 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote branch 'origin/2.2'
2011-04-05 Bill KingMerge branch '2.2'
2011-04-04 Mike McQuaidAdd callgrind tests for valgrind library.
2011-04-01 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.2'
2011-03-28 Robert LoehningAdded qmlproject.user to .gitignore
2011-03-11 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1' into 2.2
2011-03-04 Mike McQuaidAdd libvalgrind tests.
2011-03-04 Mike McQuaidAdd valgrindfake emulation/testing tool.
2011-03-02 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2011-02-18 conFix deployment of external tools on Linux/Win
2011-02-18 conImplement an external tool container + xml parsing.
2011-02-04 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2011-02-04 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2011-01-24 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2011-01-24 conMerge origin/2.1, commit '54f4fba003c5bb60ed747552e8b7d...
2011-01-24 conMerge origin/2.1, commit '05bc989fc0ab7c6be1e04d6f8fe21...
2011-01-12 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2011-01-06 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2011-01-05 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2010-12-17 conMerge branch '2.1'
2010-12-10 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2010-12-09 Marco BubkeAdd qtpromaker to gitignores
2010-12-08 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2010-12-02 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2010-11-30 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1' into master
2010-11-25 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2010-11-25 conMerge commit 'bd8b23d4bad4191367e7c5eb3297769a2477afec...
2010-11-24 Marco BubkeQmlDesigner.Instances: Move instances out of process
2010-11-23 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2010-11-18 dtMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2010-11-15 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2010-11-11 Erik VerbruggenAdded more build products to ignore.
2010-11-11 conMake git ignore the new generated build files
2010-09-27 dtMerge remote branch 'origin/2.1'
2010-09-27 Erik VerbruggenAdded ignore for build products in tests.
2010-09-27 Erik VerbruggenAdded ignore for build products.
2010-09-16 Erik VerbruggenAdded build product to ignore list.
2010-09-15 Erik VerbruggenRenamed two cplusplus projects to not conflict with...
2010-08-23 Kai KoehneMerge branch '2.0' of
2010-08-18 hjkMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-08-13 hjkMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-08-12 hjkMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-08-06 Friedemann KleintMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-08-06 Friedemann KleintMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-07-28 Christian KammMerge branch '2.0'
2010-07-28 Erik VerbruggenAdded tests for the InsertionPointLocator and fixed...
2010-07-26 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-07-26 conMerge commit origin/2.0 '6bd790bd0fa85ddebc680ca4af4878...
2010-07-26 conMerge commit origin/2.0 '1a985148340ff3b29c752036857446...
2010-07-16 Oswald Buddenhagenadd ts-untranslated target
2010-07-16 Oswald Buddenhagenadd fine-grained ts-<lang> targets
2010-07-16 Oswald Buddenhagenclean up string extraction from xml files
2010-07-16 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-07-15 Erik VerbruggenAdded "dump" utility for QML ASTs.
2010-07-14 Olivier GoffartMerge branch 'qmljsinspector'
2010-07-13 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-07-13 Friedemann KleintMerge branch '2.0'
2010-07-13 conMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-13 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-07-13 conMerge commit '52b9fcca2ddd5d5e95c6e13cbded018699c7dd68...
2010-07-09 Thorbjørn LindeijerThe .bin postfix was removed from the qtcreator executable
2010-07-08 Olivier GoffartMerge branch 'qmljsinspector' of
2010-07-08 Olivier GoffartMerge remote branch 'origin/master' into qmljsinspector
2010-07-07 Erik VerbruggenAdded ignore for build product.
2010-07-06 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-07-05 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-07-01 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-30 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-24 conIgnore generated files from plugin howto draft.
2010-06-24 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-24 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-18 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-15 Christian KammMerge branch '2.0'
2010-06-15 Thorbjørn LindeijerMerge branch '2.0'
2010-06-15 Erik VerbruggenMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-15 Erik VerbruggenMerge branch 'origin/2.0' (early part)
2010-06-11 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-11 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-10 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-08 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-02 hjkMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-06-02 hjkMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-05-28 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-05-27 hjkMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-05-21 maeMerge commit 'origin/2.0'
2010-05-21 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-05-20 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-05-20 conMerge remote branch 'origin/2.0'
2010-05-18 Erik VerbruggenAdded ignore for a build product.
2010-04-23 Tobias HungerUpdate .gitignore to include new .xq file
2010-03-23 Thomas HartmannMerge branch 'master' into refactoring
2010-03-18 Thorbjørn LindeijerHave git ignore backups of .pro.user files
2010-03-10 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote branch 'origin/1.3'
2010-03-04 Oswald BuddenhagenMerge remote branch 'origin/1.3'
2010-02-24 conMerge commit 'icons/icons'