last changeFri, 23 Sep 2011 12:02:59 +0000 (14:02 +0200)
2011-09-23 Tobias HungerToolchain: Allow all tool chains master
2011-09-23 Tobias HungerFix typo
2011-09-23 Daniel TeskeMake Qt4ProjectManager::QMakeStep mulithreading safe
2011-09-23 Daniel TeskeMake Qt4ProejctManager::MakeStep::run multithreading...
2011-09-23 Daniel TeskeRemove unused member
2011-09-23 Daniel TeskeRemove unused member
2011-09-23 Jarek KobusImplement Code Style schemes
2011-09-22 Eike ZillerMove wizards' cancel button to the left on Mac.
2011-09-22 Eike ZillerReduce vertical minimum size of Qt versions settings.
2011-09-22 Christian KandelerRemoteLinux: Deployment improvements.
2011-09-22 Christian StengerAdded new qml test and continue refactoring
2011-09-22 Tobias HungerABI: Add sh architecture
2011-09-22 Christian KandelerRemoteLinux: Fix remote processes listing.
2011-09-22 Christian KandelerMadde: Remove unneeded image.
2011-09-22 Leandro MeloEditor: Unindent backpace mode should not apply for...
2011-09-22 hjkremotelinux: compile fix
5 years ago v2.5.0-beta Qt Creator v2.5.0-beta
5 years ago v2.4.1 Qt Creator v2.4.1
5 years ago v2.4.0 Qt Creator v2.4.0
5 years ago v2.4.0-rc Qt Creator v2.4.0-rc
5 years ago v2.4.0-beta Qt Creator v2.4.0-beta
5 years ago v2.3.1 Qt Creator v2.3.1
5 years ago v2.3.0 Qt Creator v2.3.0
5 years ago v2.3.0-rc Qt Creator v2.3.0-rc
5 years ago v2.3.0-beta Qt Creator v2.3.0-beta
5 years ago v2.2.1 Qt Creator v2.2.1
5 years ago v2.2.0 Qt Creator v2.2.0
6 years ago v2.2.0-rc1 Qt Creator v2.2.0-rc1
6 years ago v2.2.0-beta Qt Creator v2.2.0-beta
6 years ago v2.1.0 Qt Creator v2.1.0
6 years ago v2.1.0-rc1 Qt Creator v2.1.0-rc1
6 years ago v2.1.0-beta2 Qt Creator v2.1.0-beta2
5 years ago 2.4-powervar-rc1
5 years ago 2.4-fix-designer-toolbar
5 years ago 2.4-setcontents-and-writecontents
5 years ago 2.4-setmodified
5 years ago 2.4-writecontents
5 years ago 2.4-setcontents
5 years ago 1.3.1-chloride
5 years ago master
7 years ago build-output-filter-buttons2
7 years ago filename-in-titlebar
7 years ago tab-behavior-xcode-style3
7 years ago tab-behavior-xcode-style2
7 years ago tab-behavior-xcode-style
7 years ago tab-behavior-addl-keys
7 years ago tab-behavior
7 years ago ieditor-and-ifile-improvements