2011-10-20 BogDan VatraFix source mapping persistent file location
2011-10-19 BogDan VatraSend load_local_jars param
2011-10-19 BogDan VatraShow CPU/ABI of AVDs
2011-10-18 BogDan VatraFix updateinfo plugin
2011-10-17 BogDan VatraBe beautiful : update necessitas icon
2011-10-17 BogDan VatraFix android and updateInfo settings
2011-10-16 BogDan VatraAdd support for persistent settings to source path...
2011-10-15 BogDan Vatraeu.licentia -> org.kde
2011-10-12 BogDan VatraCopy jar files
2011-10-12 BogDan VatraFix java parser
2011-10-07 BogDan VatraMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/tags/v2.3.1...
2011-09-21 Eike ZillerRevert "QmlDesigner: bug fix for components"
2011-09-19 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner: bug fix for components
2011-09-16 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.formEditor: use pure virtuel instead of...
2011-09-16 Christian KandelerHarmattan: Don't overwrite manifest file when opening...
2011-09-15 Leena MiettinenDoc: update screenshot
2011-09-15 Leena MiettinenDoc: Qt support on devices
2011-09-15 Daniel TeskeReturn mobile from AndroidTarget::targetFeatures()
2011-09-15 Daniel MolkentinInclude qmldesigner plugins in "make install"
2011-09-15 Orgad ShanehProcess Stub: Release file handle
2011-09-15 Kai KoehneDebugger: Make sure cpptools is compiled first
2011-09-14 Leena MiettinenDoc: add screen shot
2011-09-14 Sergey BelyashovUpdated Russian translation
2011-09-14 Leena MiettinenDoc: update Symbian information for Anna and Belle
2011-09-14 Leena MiettinenDoc: update screen shot after Forum Nokia was renamed...
2011-09-14 Leena MiettinenDoc: separate MeeGo and Maemo instructions
2011-09-13 Oswald Buddenhagendon't try to strip the wrapper script
2011-09-13 Kai KoehneQML Debugging: Fix crash for QML-only debugging on...
2011-09-12 Kai KoehneQtQuickApp: Fix qmake dependency to Qt Quick Components...
2011-09-12 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.contextMenu: crash fix
2011-09-12 Kai KoehneQtQuickApp: Use QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath...
2011-09-12 Leandro MeloCode assist: Fix memory leak in completion
2011-09-12 Leandro MeloC++: Fix duplicate items in C++ completion for Qt methods
2011-09-12 Eike ZillerFew more things to changes file.
2011-09-09 BogDan VatraSwitch to global settings (android configuartions)
2011-09-09 Daniel TeskePrevent QProcess: Destroyed while process is still...
2011-09-09 Daniel TeskeRemove dead code: AndroidDeviceModel
2011-09-09 Daniel TeskeBuildStepConfigWdiget::init was removed in 2cc7bea...
2011-09-09 Daniel TeskeCoding style changes
2011-09-09 Daniel TeskeRemove unneeded member
2011-09-09 Daniel TeskeRemove zorder from .ui file
2011-09-08 Daniel MolkentinFix glitch in c4fb17bef9175557ab071a154b6799e098fdb379.
2011-09-08 Pawel PolanskiSymbian: QML Viewre version added to info button
2011-09-08 Pawel PolanskiCODA: Fixed crash when redeploying
2011-09-08 Pawel PolanskiCODA: Debug output added to CODA 4.0.23
2011-09-08 Daniel MolkentinRespect 64 bit library path for Qt Components
2011-09-07 Robert LoehningFixed CVSSettings::equals
2011-09-07 Kai KoehneList new changes-2.3.1 file in qtcreator.pro
2011-09-07 Christian KandelerHarmattan: Fix initial packaging icon.
2011-09-07 Christian KandelerHarmattan: Fix package version updates.
2011-09-07 Kai KoehneCreating changes-2.3.1 file
2011-09-05 axasiaUpdate japanese translation for 2.3.
2011-09-05 Beaver Xuchinese translation fixes
2011-09-05 Sergey BelyashovUpdated Russian translation
2011-09-04 Ray DonnellyDon't use always_inline gcc attrib for put{Tok,BlockLen...
2011-09-04 Ray DonnellyChange DontMatch -> NoMatch in androidcreatekeystorecer...
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeFix typos and rename DontMatch to NoMatch
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeRemove old code for qt 4.7.1
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeActually call checkPid() while waiting in AndroidRunner
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeRemove unused forward declaration
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeRemove unneeded qboject_cast
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeRemove using line that's not needed
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeQProcess::finished is not emitted if the process could...
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeQLatin1String & --> QLatin1String
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeCompile fix
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeCoding style changes
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeCode stylistics to RemoteGdbServerAdapter changes
2011-09-04 Daniel TeskeRemove no longer used ressource.h
2011-09-02 Robert LoehningSimplified code
2011-09-01 Christian KandelerRemoteLinux: Don't show message box on remote process...
2011-09-01 Kai KoehneMobileWizards: Add option for booster to harmattan...
2011-09-01 Kai KoehneQtQuickApp: Tweak template to enable Meego booster
2011-09-01 Christian KandelerHarmattan: Include Aegis manifest in list of files...
2011-09-01 Tobias HungerSymbian: Warn if EPOCROOT is on different drive from...
2011-09-01 Kai KoehneRemove CONFIG+=declarative_debug from imported build...
2011-09-01 Kai KoehneQmlProject: Fix debugging with C++ language
2011-09-01 Eike ZillerVersion bump
2011-08-29 Leena MiettinenDoc: update screenshots and UI text to match Qt Simulat...
2011-08-25 Kai KoehneQt Quick App: Make sure showFullScreen is used for...
2011-08-25 Kai KoehneQmlCpp debugger: Fix clicking on QML stack traces
2011-08-24 Robert LoehningAdded some of the missing translations
2011-08-24 Robert LoehningFixes and improvements in German translation
2011-08-24 Leena MiettinenDoc: fix image filename
2011-08-24 Leena MiettinenDoc: Qt Mobility Libraries are preinstalled on MeeGo...
2011-08-24 Daniel MolkentinShow 'what's new in Qt Creator' as fallback
2011-08-24 Kai KoehneDebuggingHelper: Update UI even if compilation failed
2011-08-24 Tobias HungerDetailswidget: Force minimum height
2011-08-24 Leena MiettinenDoc: use Qt Quick Application template in the tutorial
2011-08-24 Daniel MolkentinWelcomeScreen: Don't move ScrollBar beyond scroll area.
2011-08-24 Daniel MolkentinWelcomeScreen: Re-add lost hover-state on tabs
2011-08-24 Daniel MolkentinWelcomeScreen: Make Show all checkbox more prominent...
2011-08-24 Daniel TeskeCompile
2011-08-24 Eike ZillerFix action ids of analyzer tools.
2011-08-24 Daniel TeskeFix crash with no generator selected
2011-08-24 Daniel TeskePartially revert -lastsession fix
2011-08-24 Kai KoehneQmlCpp Debugging: Only set C++ breakpoints after QML...
2011-08-23 Leena MiettinenDoc: using dummy data and context
2011-08-23 hjkversion bump 2.2.85 -> 2.3.0
2011-08-22 Thomas HartmannQmlDesigner.propertyEditor: crash fix
2011-08-22 Oswald Buddenhagendisable poor hungarian translation