last changeWed, 15 Dec 2010 21:13:21 +0000 (18:13 -0300)
2010-12-15 Eduardo M.... Widgets Gallery: Add ProgressBar example master
2010-12-15 Eduardo M.... Widgets Gallery: Add IconButton example
2010-12-15 Eduardo M.... IconButton: Remove dependency on ThemeBridge
2010-12-15 Eduardo M.... MeeGo IconButton: Add text property
2010-12-15 Eduardo M.... MeeGo Label: Remove dependency on ThemeBridge
2010-12-15 Henrik HartzMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/46' of git://gitoriou...
2010-12-15 Henrik HartzRemove usage of QVERIFY / QCOMPARE in test constructor...
2010-12-14 Pertti KellomäkiChanges: Install auto tests in /opt/qt-components-tests...
2010-12-14 Tomas JunnonenSplit user input page in widget gallery into text input...
2010-12-14 Tomas JunnonenMeeGo Touch: new Slider implementation
2010-12-14 J-P NurmiSymbian plugin
2010-12-14 Pertti KellomäkiChanges: Moved installation of tests inside meego scope.
2010-12-13 Pertti KellomäkiChanges: Make auto tests work with harmattan CI:
2010-12-13 Tapani MikolaAdded .commit-template
2010-12-13 Max WatermanChanges: support for the input method 'suggestions...
2010-12-13 J-P Nurmiqt-components.pri: fixed LIBRARYPATH
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