last changeFri, 7 Oct 2011 10:31:54 +0000 (12:31 +0200)
2011-10-07 Jens Bache... Added Label to the API master
2011-10-06 Jens Bache... Add ApplicationWindow to the API
2011-10-04 Jens Bache... Added mac style help button
2011-10-03 Jens Bache... Add support for segmented controls on mac
2011-10-02 Jens Bache... Rename TableColumn caption to title
2011-10-02 Jens Bache... Fix width calculation for RadioButton
2011-10-01 Jens Bache... Introduce SplitterItem to make things more consistent...
2011-10-01 Jens Bache... Remove some unintentional changes
2011-10-01 Jens Bache... Fix support for addTab with title
2011-10-01 Jens Bache... Use correct font height for table row size hint
2011-10-01 Jens Bache... Add support for setting text align and font size
2011-10-01 Jens Bache... Added Text Alignment to TableView
2011-09-29 Jens Bache... Add delegate to each column header
2011-09-29 Jens Bache... Add StatusBar
2011-09-29 Jens Bache... Added some basic information to a README file
2011-09-29 Jens Bache... Fix multiple glitches with TableView rows
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