2011-01-25 Artur Duque... Check the return value of QTest::qExec() inside ApiCheck
2011-01-25 Timo Rouvinenadding unit tests symbian_declarativescreen
2011-01-25 Ari KoskenvaaraSymbian Dialog component
2011-01-25 Ari KoskenvaaraSymbian Dialog styles
2011-01-25 Timo RouvinenAdjusted the test set run for the Symbian style
2011-01-25 Timo RouvinenAutotests to use native import
2011-01-24 Thiago de Barros... Adding auto tests for ChoiceList component
2011-01-24 Henrik HartzMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/146' of git://gitorio...
2011-01-21 Thiago de Barros... Fixing ButtonRow's tests
2011-01-21 Thiago de Barros... Fixing ButtonColumn's tests
2011-01-21 Mika JuoperiUpdated README to contain Symbian platfrom
2011-01-21 Santeri VesalainenAdded ScrollBar empty initialization fixes
2011-01-21 Mika JuoperiSlider component for Symbian
2011-01-21 Mika JuoperiGraphics for Symbian slider
2011-01-20 Leonardo Sobral... Renamed ScrollDecorator::flickable to flickableItem
2011-01-20 Thiago de Barros... Adding auto tests to ButtonColumn component
2011-01-20 Thiago de Barros... Adding auto tests to ButtonRow component
2011-01-20 Ari KoskenvaaraSymbian ViewMenu component
2011-01-20 Ari KoskenvaaraSymbian ObjectMenu component
2011-01-20 Ari KoskenvaaraSymbian Menu component
2011-01-20 Ari KoskenvaaraSymbian Menu style and resources
2011-01-20 Ari KoskenvaaraSymbian Fader component
2011-01-20 Ari KoskenvaaraSymbian Fader styles
2011-01-20 J-P NurmiAdded missing QMAKE_POST_LINK steps for native imports
2011-01-20 Jarno JuntunenPage component for Symbian
2011-01-20 Timo Rouvinenfixing Symbian armv5_urel build link error
2011-01-20 Mika JuoperiButton states to private
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... Update gitignore
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... Rename main.cpp to tst_apicheck.cpp; include in tests.pro
2011-01-19 Artur Duque... Make the api check more verbose
2011-01-19 Artur Duque... Add api check for choice list
2011-01-19 Adriano RezendeReverted validateProperty method to use meta object API
2011-01-19 Cidorvan LeiteAdd API validator to ButtonRow component
2011-01-19 Cidorvan LeiteAdd API validator to ButtonColumn component
2011-01-19 Artur Duque... Handle the arguments inside our api check
2011-01-19 Adriano RezendeAdded API check test for ScrollDecorator
2011-01-19 Adriano RezendeAdded API check test for ProgressBar
2011-01-19 Adriano RezendeChanged comparison error message to be more descriptive
2011-01-19 Cidorvan LeiteAdd API validator to TextArea component
2011-01-19 Adriano RezendeRefactored API checker to test custom modules
2011-01-19 Thiago de Barros... Adding Button and TextField do .pro file
2011-01-19 Thiago de Barros... API validator for TextField component
2011-01-19 Thiago de Barros... API validator for Button component
2011-01-19 Thiago de Barros... Adding new validateProperty method
2011-01-19 Thiago de Barros... Adding support to methods in ApiCheckBase
2011-01-19 Artur Duque... Check slider's default values
2011-01-19 Artur Duque... Enable the test of the default values of properties
2011-01-19 Artur Duque... Include API check for slider
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... apicheck: Update tests to use the common API check...
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... apichek: Base object for API check tests
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... Using metaobject to verify the API
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... apicheck: BusyIndicator
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... apicheck: Added a method to check property existence...
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... apicheck: RadioButton
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... apicheck: First version of CheckBox checker
2011-01-19 Anselmo Lacerda... apicheck: Setting up basic structure
2011-01-19 Timo Rouvinenfix for native import: themebridge needs a folder under...
2011-01-19 Timo Rouvinenadding imagePath to stylewrapper
2011-01-19 Santeri VesalainenAdded ScrollDecorator and ScrollBar
2011-01-19 Timo Rouvinenadding symbian imageprovider
2011-01-19 Mika JuoperiWindow Decoration update
2011-01-18 Timo RouvinenSDeclarativeIcon update
2011-01-18 Timo RouvinenSFramePool updates
2011-01-18 Timo RouvinenSIconPool update
2011-01-18 Mika JuoperiHandle quit signal in Symbian plugin
2011-01-18 Timo RouvinenSymbian sdeclarativescreen update
2011-01-17 J-P NurmiAdded mechanisms for installing native imports on non...
2011-01-17 J-P NurmiMoved Symbian deployment rules to qml.pri
2011-01-17 Pekka JokelaAdd Window component for Symbian
2011-01-14 J-P NurmiExclude QRangeModel test on Symbian
2011-01-13 J-P NurmiUpdated .gitignore
2011-01-13 Samuel NevalaTextField auto tests for Symbian
2011-01-13 Samuel NevalaTextField for Symbian
2011-01-13 Samuel NevalaRenamed Text related resources
2011-01-13 Samuel NevalaSymbian specific .pri fixes
2011-01-12 Daker Fernandes... MaskedItem: fixing spelling
2011-01-11 Mateusz PachockiUpdated BusyIndicator to use png images.
2011-01-11 Antonio AloisioInclude meego.pri in widget gallery project file
2011-01-11 Petrus LundqvistFix to bug 217962 (unwind with pages declared as items).
2011-01-10 J-P NurmiRemoved libQtComponents dependencies from tests
2011-01-10 J-P NurmiRemoved libQtComponents
2011-01-07 Henrik Hartz:Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/84' of git://gitorio...
2011-01-07 Henrik HartzAdding use of disabled look and feel to button and...
2011-01-07 Henrik HartzMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/81' of git://gitoriou...
2011-01-07 Tomas JunnonenMeeGo widgetsgallery: don't use windows style, use...
2011-01-07 Tomas JunnonenProvide a different toolbar layout on the root page...
2011-01-07 Tomas JunnonenFix up the TextInput gallery page with proper prompt...
2011-01-07 Aleksi RantonenTextArea & TextField bug fix: prompt text positioned...
2011-01-06 Henrik HartzAdd MR comment to .commit-template
2011-01-05 Daker Fernandes... ProgressBar: Removes libmeegotouch dependencies
2011-01-05 Jouni Miikkipagestack and toolbar are now consistent with tests...
2011-01-05 Daker Fernandes... MaskedItem: Creates a masked image support item indepen...
2011-01-05 Tomas JunnonenDismiss dialog on clicking the faded background
2011-01-05 Jouni MiikkiAdded toolbar and pagestack into tests-meego.xml
2011-01-05 Tapani Mikola.gitignore updated
2011-01-05 Jouni Miikkiapi_toolbar unit test
2011-01-05 Tapani MikolaUpdate to .gitignore
2011-01-05 Jouni MiikkiCleaned up and added copyright texts.
2011-01-05 Jouni MiikkiInitial unit test api_pagestack
2011-01-05 J-P NurmiRemoved cwd adjustments in MeeGo examples that were...