2011-03-22 Frederik GladhornExtend the test. unit-test
2011-03-16 Frederik GladhornCreate paths according to hierachy.
2011-03-16 Frederik GladhornClean up use of dbus connection. Extend test.
2011-03-16 Frederik GladhornUnit test: start checking the dbus interface.
2011-03-15 Frederik GladhornRename test directory to examples.
2011-03-14 Frederik GladhornImplement flat review.
2011-03-14 Frederik GladhornMake application Id read/write property as at-spi2...
2011-03-14 Frederik GladhornFix childCount when interface could not be created.
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornFix register children.
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornAdd a combo box.
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornRemove QSpiObject. Don't keep interfaces that might...
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornAdd README.
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornAdd warnings when startig apps without QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1. v0.0.1-alpha
2011-03-03 Frederik GladhornFix child handling. Cleanup. Use QSpiObjectReference...
2011-03-03 Frederik GladhornClean up debug output. ASSERT for table interface.
2011-03-02 Frederik GladhornCreate Component for widgets or items that have a rect.
2011-03-02 Frederik GladhornLeak more QAccessebleInterface objects.
2011-03-02 Frederik GladhornDon't assume that all interfaces have QObjects associated.
2011-03-02 Frederik GladhornAdd shortcut to menu bar.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornMore asserts.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornDon't crash on QSpiAdaptor::GetRowHeader.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornAdd asserts and fix a few crashes.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornAdd a tab bar and make quit button work.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornBig refactoring of cache.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornRich text: IA2 does not accept -1 as parameter to GetText.
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornClean up error handling for keylistener.
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornMove Registry->Embed into its own function.
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornFix stray semicolons.
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornExperimental GrabFocus.
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornForgot header file changes. Try to be clever about...
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornMake async call for keyboard listeners.
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornImplement GetDefaultAttributes with GetDefaultAttributeSet.
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornImplement some Text methods, get rid of ugly defines.
2011-02-25 Frederik GladhornRemove GetNSelections with in parameter.
2011-02-25 Frederik GladhornMove keyboard handling into QSpiApplication.
2011-02-25 Frederik GladhornRemove old debug output.
2011-02-25 Frederik GladhornImplement DEC, work with Orca a bit.
2011-02-23 Frederik GladhornClean includes and rename socket to registry.
2011-02-22 Frederik GladhornClean includes and rename socket to registry.
2011-02-22 Frederik GladhornMove SpiApplication into its own file.
2011-02-22 Frederik GladhornRemove unused slot.
2011-02-22 Frederik GladhornRemove unused signal
2011-02-22 Frederik GladhornCleanup and small improvements.
2011-02-17 Frederik GladhornGetState needs to return a UInt list.
2011-02-17 Frederik GladhornTry to return the right reference in GetAccessibleAtPoint.
2011-02-17 Frederik GladhornFix signatures in Event.xml and make name changes work.
2011-02-17 Frederik GladhornUpdate gitignore file.
2011-02-17 Frederik GladhornBasic impl of GetIndexInParent.
2011-02-17 Frederik GladhornDon't crash on children of Complex Widgets.
2011-02-17 Frederik GladhornClean up the example dir structure.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornDon't crash when showing menus.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornOnly emit AddAccessible once.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornImplement ChildrenChanged::add.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornRemove comment.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornClean connect and whitespace.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornUse uint for AddAccessible.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornWhitespace fixes.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornIn AddAccessible, set the root reference right.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornAnother XML fix: DeSelection/Deselection.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornUse the a11y session bus if available.
2011-02-09 Jeremy WhitingMerge remote-tracking branch 'fregl/master'
2011-02-09 Frederik GladhornBuild with Werror.
2011-02-09 Frederik GladhornCapitalize properties, fix warnings, update generated...
2011-02-09 Frederik GladhornAdd Registry.xml for the sake of completeness.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornWhitespace cleanup.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornIgnore temp files.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornClean indentation.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornApparently gnome uses NActions currently.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornAdd warnings for not implemented marshallers.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornLet Component have QSpiAdaptor as parent.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornClean up role and localized role name mappings.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornGenerate Text and Table with parent.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornThe type and annotation for GetDefaultAttributeSet...
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornAdd patch to make maintenance of hand edited parts...
2011-02-05 Frederik GladhornDynamically created buttons to test adding of children.
2011-02-04 Frederik GladhornAdd a mapping to localized role names.
2011-02-04 Frederik GladhornSet app name and remove empty toolbar.
2011-02-04 Frederik GladhornGet rid of this-> pointers. Cleanup.
2011-02-04 Frederik GladhornAdd another example app.
2011-02-04 Frederik GladhornMore cleanup and moving things around.
2011-02-04 Frederik GladhornAdd .gitignore file for temp files.
2011-02-03 Frederik GladhornAdd comments for role enum values
2011-02-03 Frederik GladhornPrepare for ChildrenChanged implementation.
2011-02-02 Frederik GladhornMake the code more readable, put plugin parts into...
2011-02-01 Frederik GladhornCleanup some stubs and qdebugs, disable event filter...
2010-08-07 Jeremy WhitingRegister QSpiObjectReferenceArray as a metatype so...
2010-08-07 Jeremy WhitingAdded GetChildren method to adaptor class, it doesn...
2010-08-07 Jeremy WhitingUpdate our copy of xml/Accessible.xml to sync with...
2010-08-07 Jeremy WhitingAdd Q_OBJECT macro to QSpiAdaptor so subclass meta...
2010-07-11 Jeremy WhitingFix a typo in README.markdown
2010-06-12 Mark DoffmanAdd some very brief technical documentation, a very...
2010-06-03 Mark DoffmanPartial refactoring to move to latest (Since 0.1.6...
2009-12-03 Mark DoffmanChange method names to comply with D-Bus specifications.
2009-10-21 mdoffAdd function for getting supported interfaces when...
2009-07-16 Mark DoffmanAdd marshaller initialization functions for the D-Bus...
2009-06-18 Mark DoffmanAdd key event forwarding.
2009-06-17 Mark DoffmanFix problems with mapping the states. The normal state
2009-06-03 Mark DoffmanUpdate role mappings.
2009-06-03 Mark DoffmanFix problem where Accessible interface was