2011-06-13 José Millán... Changed method name: setCurrentValue to SetCurrentValue SetCurrentValueUpper
2011-06-12 José Millán... Created new test: testTextEdit()
2011-06-06 Frederik GladhornFix path for items with child id > 0.
2011-06-05 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'pointer-as-path'
2011-06-05 Frederik GladhornBegin testing lists.
2011-06-05 Frederik GladhornDon't crash when a list doesn't return a row item.
2011-06-01 José Millán... Improved boundary handling
2011-05-22 José Millán... Converting at-spi boundary types to QAccessible
2011-05-19 Frederik GladhornDifferent approach to navigating tables.
2011-05-19 José Millán... Removed unused variable in QSpiAdaptor::GetRelationSet
2011-05-18 Frederik GladhornBase path on ptr.
2011-05-18 Frederik GladhornClean up debug messages.
2011-05-18 Frederik GladhornAdd at-spi2 setup to readme. v0.0.2-alpha
2011-05-18 Frederik GladhornFix license header to LGPL2.1 with proper address.
2011-05-13 José Millán... Added text in color to Simple example
2011-05-13 José Millán... Removed startOffsetCopy and endOffsetCopy in QSpiAdapto...
2011-05-13 José Millán... Improved QSpiAdaptor::GetAttributes
2011-05-13 Frederik GladhornReduce usage of the horrible pseudo singleton.
2011-05-13 Frederik GladhornClean up destructors.
2011-05-13 Frederik GladhornAdd editable combo box and buddies.
2011-05-12 José Millán... Improved QSpiAdaptor::GetRelationSet
2011-05-12 José Millán... Added dependency: at-spi2-core
2011-05-12 José Millán... Implemented QSpiAdaptor::GetRelationSet()
2011-05-12 José Millán... Checking in QSpiAdaptor::AddSelection if selection...
2011-05-11 Frederik GladhornClean up the test main window.
2011-05-11 Frederik GladhornChange translated roles for text and editable text...
2011-05-11 Frederik GladhornAdd table contents and more menus to example.
2011-05-11 Frederik GladhornFiller should report filler as name.
2011-05-11 José Millán... Modified tst_QtAtSpi::testLineEdit
2011-05-10 José Millán... Added tst_QtAtSpi::testLineEdit()
2011-05-10 José Millán... Corrected bug in AccessibleTestWindow::clearChildren
2011-05-10 José Millán... Corrected bug in QSpiAdaptor::InsertText
2011-05-10 José Millán... Merge branch 'master' of gitorious.org:qt-at-spi/qt...
2011-05-10 José Millán... Fixed memory leak in tst_qt-atspi.cpp
2011-05-10 Frederik GladhornTest Label.
2011-05-10 Frederik GladhornRemove printf that was used by unit test to get dbus...
2011-05-10 Frederik GladhornRestructure unit test.
2011-05-09 Frederik GladhornImprove finding interfaces for some objects.
2011-05-09 José Millán... Merge remote branch 'upstream/master' into rangeextents 3
2011-05-01 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'text-events'
2011-05-01 Frederik GladhornCompile with Qt 4.7 and 4.8.
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornInstead of iterating though children, use childAt to...
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornAdd state for QAccessible::SingleLine.
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornImplement TextChanged.
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornStart relations implementation.
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornRemove unneded temporary var.
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornAdd more key names. Dont assert on missed keyboard...
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornQSpiAdaptor::GetSelection if no selection return cursor...
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornQSpiAdaptor::GetAttributes return right offsets.
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornFix QSpiAdaptor::characterCount.
2011-04-26 Frederik GladhornRemove warning, add comment about p2p.
2011-04-19 Jeremy WhitingAdd missing virtual destructors.
2011-04-13 Frederik GladhornIgnore updates until root has been set.
2011-04-08 Frederik GladhornSet Manages Descendants on everything that has the...
2011-04-08 Frederik GladhornMake some functions const.
2011-04-08 Frederik GladhornImprove state handling. Rename QSpiAccessibleCacheItem...
2011-04-08 Frederik GladhornBe more careful when accessing table cells.
2011-04-05 Frederik GladhornFallback for qobjects where queryAccessibleInterface...
2011-04-04 Frederik GladhornRemove redundant define QT_ACCESSIBILITY.
2011-04-01 Frederik GladhornRemove assert. Warning has to be enough.
2011-04-01 Frederik GladhornImplement the basics for Application::GetApplicationBus...
2011-04-01 Frederik GladhornExtend the example to inclue lists.
2011-03-31 Frederik Gladhorngit ignore temp files.
2011-03-31 Frederik GladhornSet App name.
2011-03-30 Frederik GladhornFix order of interface removal.
2011-03-29 Frederik GladhornAdd comment, remove extra space.
2011-03-29 Frederik GladhornFix memleak (queryAccessibleInterface).
2011-03-25 Frederik GladhornDo not test hardcoded paths for now. Start menu test.
2011-03-25 Frederik GladhornDelete dead interfaces.
2011-03-25 Frederik GladhornWatch for object destruction.
2011-03-25 Frederik GladhornImprove GetAccessibleAtPoint.
2011-03-25 Frederik GladhornChecked state; use right childIndex for state.
2011-03-24 Frederik GladhornUse GetChildren for cache item, fix recursion issues. unit-test2
2011-03-24 Frederik GladhornOrder QSpiAccessibleCacheItem according to dbus structure.
2011-03-24 Frederik GladhornRemove registerChildren function.
2011-03-24 José Millán... Implemented QSpiAdaptor::GetRangeExtents
2011-03-22 Frederik GladhornFix wrong initialization.
2011-03-22 Frederik GladhornUnit test: find dbus and extend.
2011-03-16 Frederik GladhornClean up use of dbus connection. Extend test.
2011-03-16 Frederik GladhornUnit test: start checking the dbus interface.
2011-03-15 Frederik GladhornRename test directory to examples.
2011-03-14 Frederik GladhornImplement flat review.
2011-03-14 Frederik GladhornMake application Id read/write property as at-spi2...
2011-03-14 Frederik GladhornFix childCount when interface could not be created.
2011-03-09 José Millán... Implemented QSpiAdaptor::GetCharacterExtents 2
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornFix register children.
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornAdd a combo box.
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornRemove QSpiObject. Don't keep interfaces that might...
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornAdd README.
2011-03-04 Frederik GladhornAdd warnings when startig apps without QT_ACCESSIBILITY=1. v0.0.1-alpha
2011-03-03 Frederik GladhornFix child handling. Cleanup. Use QSpiObjectReference...
2011-03-03 Frederik GladhornClean up debug output. ASSERT for table interface.
2011-03-02 Frederik GladhornCreate Component for widgets or items that have a rect.
2011-03-02 Frederik GladhornLeak more QAccessebleInterface objects.
2011-03-02 Frederik GladhornDon't assume that all interfaces have QObjects associated.
2011-03-02 Frederik GladhornAdd shortcut to menu bar.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornMore asserts.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornDon't crash on QSpiAdaptor::GetRowHeader.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornAdd asserts and fix a few crashes.
2011-03-01 Frederik GladhornAdd a tab bar and make quit button work.