2012-08-22 Frederik Gladhornqt-at-spi moved master
2012-04-19 Frederik GladhornFix whitespace.
2012-04-19 Frederik GladhornFix class specifier.
2012-04-19 Frederik GladhornRemove unused not-implemented slots.
2012-04-19 Frederik GladhornRemove non-existent property.
2012-04-19 Frederik GladhornClean up.
2012-04-13 Frederik GladhornClean debug output some more.
2012-04-13 Frederik GladhornFix leaking of key event.
2012-04-13 Frederik GladhornClean up warning.
2012-04-13 Frederik GladhornMake key sending closer to what gnome does
2012-04-13 Frederik GladhornFix warning which was the wrong way around
2012-04-13 Frederik GladhornCheck for invalid interface before taking a smart point... v0.3 v0.3.1
2012-04-12 Frederik GladhornClean up interfaceFromPath. v0.3.0
2012-04-10 Frederik GladhornWhen invisible we can also say not showing.
2012-04-10 Frederik GladhornFix GetRowAtIndex and Column
2012-04-09 Frederik GladhornReturn indexOfChild 0-based.
2012-04-09 Frederik Gladhornend focus changes also when listening to state changes...
2012-04-09 Frederik GladhornAdd state transient for list/tree items to fix caching...
2012-04-07 Frederik GladhornDo not return null path for application.
2012-04-07 Frederik GladhornReturn null path when asked for invalid child or parent.
2012-04-03 Frederik GladhornFix double delete in getWindow.
2012-04-03 Frederik GladhornOnly send key events when there's a listener.
2012-04-03 Frederik GladhornMake application a child of the main atspi adaptor.
2012-03-29 Frederik GladhornQSpiRect -> QRect and fix CharacterExtents
2012-03-14 Frederik GladhornSent the right text for text insert/delete events. v0.2 v0.2.0
2012-03-14 Frederik GladhornNot every line edit is a password one.
2012-03-12 Frederik GladhornImprove shortcut handling.
2012-03-12 Frederik GladhornRemove useless debug output.
2012-03-08 Frederik GladhornUse plastique style in test.
2012-03-08 Frederik GladhornFix introspection of root accessible.
2012-03-05 Frederik GladhornMake sure that all classes inheriting QAction are treat...
2012-03-05 Frederik GladhornFix navigation to Menu and QAction.
2012-03-02 Frederik GladhornClean up interfaceForPath.
2012-03-02 Frederik GladhornRename shared pointer for interfaces to QAIPointer.
2012-03-02 Frederik GladhornSet atspi role to password_text for password line edits.
2012-01-20 Frederik GladhornSend selection changed signals.
2012-01-18 José Millán... Merge branch 'StandardActionWrapper'
2012-01-18 José Millán... Improved action detection
2012-01-18 José Millán... Implemented StandardActionWrapper::keyBindings
2012-01-15 José Millán... Return a new QAccessibleInterface instance when child...
2012-01-14 José Millán... Added break in QAccessible::Selection case in AtSpiAdap...
2012-01-14 José Millán... Verify than an object is avaliable in AtSpiAdaptor...
2012-01-13 José Millán... Added StandardActionWrapper class
2012-01-13 José Millán... Make AtSpiAdaptor::tableInterface use always table2Inte...
2012-01-11 José Millán... Handle QAccessible::Selection in AtSpiAdaptor::notify
2012-01-06 Frederik GladhornAdd generated docs to gitignore.
2012-01-06 Frederik GladhornSome more doc cleanup/improvement.
2012-01-06 Frederik GladhornAdd classes to be documented.
2012-01-06 Frederik GladhornRemove more cruft.
2012-01-06 Frederik GladhornClean up and document.
2012-01-06 Frederik GladhornRemove old class.
2012-01-06 Frederik GladhornRemove debug function.
2012-01-02 Frederik GladhornDon't leak interfaces. v0.1 v0.1.1
2012-01-02 Frederik GladhornImplement flags to only send selected updates.
2011-11-15 Frederik GladhornFix buddies. v0.1.0
2011-11-12 Frederik Gladhornimprove tab order
2011-11-12 Frederik GladhornWarn instead of assert for invalid child.
2011-11-03 Frederik GladhornFix leak, use QSharedPointer.
2011-11-03 Frederik GladhornRemove stray newline.
2011-09-28 Frederik GladhornAdd time and scroll area widgets.
2011-09-26 Frederik GladhornAdd an insane amount of tool buttons.
2011-09-07 Frederik GladhornImplement active state for window objects.
2011-09-07 Frederik GladhornImplement window:deactivate.
2011-09-05 Frederik GladhornAdd spinner and toolbutton to example.
2011-09-04 Frederik GladhornReduce warning by handling more accessible updates.
2011-09-02 Frederik GladhornDo not crash when the a11y bus address is not found...
2011-09-01 Frederik GladhornFix state handling - use a proper & for qflags.
2011-08-31 Frederik GladhornActually check state bits.
2011-08-31 Frederik GladhornWarn and return when trying to access invalid interfaces.
2011-08-31 Frederik GladhornDo not crash the introspection with invalid paths.
2011-08-26 Frederik GladhornRemove use of QAccessible::HasInvokeExtension.
2011-08-25 Frederik GladhornGet the a11y bus address from dbus.
2011-08-25 Frederik GladhornAdd a checkable menu item.
2011-08-14 Frederik GladhornFix setter for value interface. Add test for value. v0.0.5-alpha
2011-08-14 Frederik GladhornRemove duplicate function.
2011-08-12 José Millán... Removed duplicated method from Simple Example
2011-08-12 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'dbusvirtual' v0.0.4-alpha
2011-08-12 Frederik GladhornLet text test run through with xfail for now.
2011-08-12 Frederik GladhornFix table test to reflect table2 implementation.
2011-08-11 Frederik GladhornLet GetItems in the Cache return at least an empty...
2011-08-11 Frederik GladhornBring back introspection.
2011-08-10 Frederik GladhornRemove stray semicolon.
2011-08-10 Frederik GladhornRemove unused files.
2011-08-10 Frederik GladhornRename adaptor class to AtSpiAdaptor.
2011-08-04 Frederik GladhornUse QWeakPointer to keep track of valid objects.
2011-08-04 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'handledObjects' into dbusvirtual
2011-08-04 Frederik GladhornRemove unused function.
2011-08-03 Frederik GladhornSave last state and text on first show.
2011-08-03 Frederik GladhornFix Menus yet again.
2011-08-03 José Millán... Keep track of objects which are being handled by QSpiAd...
2011-08-03 José Millán... Make object deletion use QAccessibleInterface
2011-08-03 José Millán... Handle object deletion
2011-08-02 Frederik GladhornRemove duplicate string defines.
2011-08-02 Frederik GladhornRemove cruft.
2011-08-02 Frederik GladhornCleanup, care about creation and destruction a bit...
2011-08-02 Frederik GladhornImplement GetToolkitName.
2011-08-02 Frederik GladhornUse the proper null path from ATSPI for undefined refer...
2011-08-01 Frederik GladhornDon't crash because of debugging unhandled events.
2011-07-29 José Millán... Handle QAccessible::ObjectShow and QAccessible::ObjectHide
2011-07-29 José Millán... Added the option to show or hide the table in simple...