Remove QSpiObject. Don't keep interfaces that might be deleted.
[qt-at-spi:qt-at-spi.git] / xml /
2011-02-27 Frederik GladhornMerge branch 'master' into experimental
2011-02-25 Frederik GladhornImplement DEC, work with Orca a bit.
2011-02-17 Frederik GladhornGetState needs to return a UInt list.
2011-02-17 Frederik GladhornFix signatures in Event.xml and make name changes work.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornImplement ChildrenChanged::add.
2011-02-16 Frederik GladhornAnother XML fix: DeSelection/Deselection.
2011-02-09 Jeremy WhitingMerge remote-tracking branch 'fregl/master'
2011-02-09 Frederik GladhornCapitalize properties, fix warnings, update generated...
2011-02-09 Frederik GladhornAdd Registry.xml for the sake of completeness.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornApparently gnome uses NActions currently.
2011-02-08 Frederik GladhornThe type and annotation for GetDefaultAttributeSet...
2010-08-07 Jeremy WhitingUpdate our copy of xml/Accessible.xml to sync with...
2010-06-03 Mark DoffmanPartial refactoring to move to latest (Since 0.1.6...
2009-12-03 Mark DoffmanChange method names to comply with D-Bus specifications.
2009-05-18 Mark DoffmanImprove the Text interface.
2009-04-17 Mark Doffman2009-04-17 Mark Doffman <>
2009-04-15 Mark Doffman2009-04-14 Mark Doffman <>
2009-04-06 Mark Doffman2009-04-05 Mark Doffman <>
2009-01-05 Mark Doffman2009-01-05 Mark Doffman <>