Use the proper null path from ATSPI for undefined references.
[qt-at-spi:qt-at-spi.git] / src / qspiadaptorv2.cpp
2011-08-02 Frederik GladhornUse the proper null path from ATSPI for undefined refer...
2011-08-01 Frederik GladhornDon't crash because of debugging unhandled events.
2011-07-29 José Millán SotoHandle QAccessible::ObjectShow and QAccessible::ObjectHide
2011-07-28 Frederik GladhornSave the last text when text interface is there.
2011-07-28 Frederik GladhornIntroduce helper to turn path into proper dbus variant.
2011-07-27 Frederik GladhornName and value change notifications.
2011-07-27 Frederik GladhornBring focus back for real.
2011-07-27 Frederik GladhornStart implementing signals - focus.
2011-07-27 Frederik GladhornClean newlines.
2011-07-27 Frederik GladhornBring back application activate and key filter.
2011-07-27 Frederik GladhornAdd some constness to functions.
2011-07-27 Frederik GladhornMake sure not to ask for -1th child.
2011-07-27 Frederik GladhornImplement table2.
2011-07-27 Frederik GladhornImplement text and value interfaces.
2011-07-26 Frederik GladhornImplement GetChildren.
2011-07-26 Frederik GladhornFix GetParent.
2011-07-26 Frederik GladhornImplement component interface.
2011-07-26 Frederik GladhornPut accessible interface handling back into the adaptor.
2011-07-25 Frederik GladhornFix child paths.
2011-07-25 Frederik GladhornMost basic child navigation.
2011-07-25 Frederik GladhornCleanup, states working.
2011-07-14 Frederik GladhornStart handler for accessible.
2011-07-13 Frederik GladhornImprove debug message
2011-07-13 Frederik GladhornProof of concept: app name and id.
2011-07-13 Frederik GladhornStart depending on QDBusVirtualObject.