last changeFri, 29 Jul 2011 08:49:29 +0000 (10:49 +0200)
2011-07-29 José Millán... Added to simple example the function of displaying... master
2011-07-17 José Millán... Handle QAccessible::ObjectShow and QAccessible::ObjectHide
2011-07-01 Frederik GladhornGet rid of copy of role names from atspi.
2011-07-01 Frederik GladhornUse the State enum from at-spi2 directly.
2011-06-30 Frederik GladhornImprove debug output.
2011-06-30 Frederik GladhornImprove warning about bad QAccessiblePlugin impl.
2011-06-30 Frederik GladhornClean up debug.
2011-06-30 Frederik GladhornFix warning: Creating accessible with different object
2011-06-30 Frederik GladhornReturn the correct root object.
2011-06-30 Frederik GladhornEmit value changed properly.
2011-06-30 Frederik GladhornAdd warning when building bridge with Qt<4.8.
2011-06-30 Frederik GladhornAdd buttons to add/remove list items.
2011-06-24 Frederik GladhornFix license headers in examples.
2011-06-24 Frederik GladhornDisable some debug output.
2011-06-24 Frederik GladhornPay attention to QAccessible::ObjectCreated.
2011-06-24 Frederik GladhornUpdate to current a11y qml api.
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