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2013-07-16 Anton KreuzkampAnnounce move to master
2013-07-09 Anton KreuzkampUpdate copyright headers.
2013-07-09 Anton KreuzkampSome code-cleanup
2013-07-09 Anton KreuzkampEnable garbage collecting
2013-07-09 Anton KreuzkampRefactor Child Handling and Alias Support
2013-07-09 Anton KreuzkampNew Geometry System
2013-07-09 Anton KreuzkampRefactoring of Property-Handling
2013-06-01 Anton KreuzkampAccept all three possible ways to use connect.
2013-05-27 Anton KreuzkampAdd element type TextArea.
2013-03-27 Anton KreuzkampFix the className DOM-Elements get.
2013-03-26 Anton KreuzkampAdd a working signal-slot system.
2013-03-24 Anton KreuzkampRemove trailing spaces and some wrong indentation.
2013-03-24 Anton KreuzkampSmall refacture of the property-system.
2013-03-20 Anton KreuzkampAdd some little more documentation.
2013-03-16 Anton KreuzkampFix mouse areas for IE.
2013-03-16 Anton KreuzkampReplace evaluatingProperties by evaluatingProperty
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