Fix fatal mistake in last commit.
[qmlweb:qmlweb.git] / src / qtcore.js
2013-02-11 Anton KreuzkampFix fatal mistake in last commit.
2013-02-11 Anton KreuzkampCall Component.onCompleted also for repeater-items
2013-02-11 Anton KreuzkampFix resolvePath to return "" if the filename is "".
2013-02-11 Anton KreuzkampFix loadComponent to use basePath.
2013-01-19 Lauri PaimenMerge branch 'parse_implicitdef'
2013-01-13 Anton KreuzkampAdd Support for Component.onCompleted.
2013-01-05 Anton KreuzkampTranslate "visble: true" to "visibility: inherit"
2013-01-03 Anton KreuzkampQMLImage: set css-positioning to absolute
2012-12-29 Anton KreuzkampExtend Text element type.
2012-12-28 Anton KreuzkampFix QMLListElement.
2012-12-28 Anton KreuzkampQMLText: Use explicit width/height if set.
2012-12-28 Anton KreuzkampRemove missed debug-statement.
2012-12-28 Anton KreuzkampPut font-css directly to text-span.
2012-12-28 Anton KreuzkampFix positioning of text-inputs.
2012-12-28 Anton KreuzkampSome little fixes.
2012-12-27 Lauri PaimenMerge branch 'newPropertySystem'
2012-12-25 Anton KreuzkampAdd TextInput and Button elements for DOM-backend.
2012-12-25 Anton KreuzkampAdd BorderImage element type.
2012-12-25 Anton KreuzkampRefacture positioning-system.
2012-12-24 Anton KreuzkampFix alpha-channel in Qt.rgba().
2012-12-24 Anton KreuzkampImplement DOM-Backend.
2012-12-23 Anton KreuzkampRemove obsolete engine.workingContext.
2012-12-23 Anton KreuzkampRedesign of the property-system.
2012-11-28 Anton KreuzkampFix some 'var's and 'self's.
2012-11-19 Lauri PaimenFix bug introduced when removing eval.
2012-11-19 Lauri PaimenFix one more 'var' and remove one eval
2012-11-19 Lauri PaimenAdd some missing 'var's
2012-11-19 Anton KreuzkampDefine anchors as all other properties explicitly.
2012-11-19 Anton KreuzkampUse instanceof instead of $$type to identify model
2012-11-19 Anton KreuzkampFix topGetter and leftGetter to use correct parent
2012-11-19 Anton KreuzkampGet the idScope just when evaluating the binding.
2012-11-18 Anton KreuzkampFix Repeater to use "self" in the model callbacks.
2012-11-17 Anton KreuzkampReorganize default properties.
2012-11-17 Anton KreuzkampAdd a createFunction function to create functions
2012-11-17 Anton KreuzkampUse real constructors for creating qml objects.
2012-11-17 Anton KreuzkampFix ReferenceError in QMLImage.$onSourceChanged.
2012-11-17 Anton KreuzkampLet QMLEngine() be a real constructor.
2012-11-17 Anton KreuzkampAdd support for ListModel and ListElement types.
2012-11-17 Anton KreuzkampAdd count property to Repeater.
2012-11-17 Anton KreuzkampCorrect Repeater syntax.
2012-10-12 Lauri Paimensrc/qtcore.js: Fix more leaking locals
2012-10-12 Lauri Paimensrc/qtcore.js: Fix leaking i from JSItemModel
2012-10-12 Anton KreuzkampAdd support for Components.
2012-10-12 Anton Kreuzkampsrc/qtcore.js: Implement Repeater-Element.
2012-10-12 Anton KreuzkampLet engine's mouse-handling handle clicks directly
2012-10-12 Anton Kreuzkampsrc/qtcore.js: Add mouse-hover support.
2012-06-14 Lauri Paimensrc/qtcore.js: Register and unregister touch handler...
2012-06-12 Lauri Paimensrc/qtcore.js: Listen to touchstart event (more respons...
2012-06-12 Lauri Paimensrc/qtcore.js: Touched propertysetters again; now shoul...
2012-06-11 Lauri Paimensrc/qtcore.js:
2012-06-11 Lauri Paimensrc/qtcore.js: Removed dependency of global canvasEl
2012-06-11 Lauri Paimensrc/qtcore.js: Don't use Object.defineProperty on iPhon...
2011-11-29 Lauri PaimenFlooring... Can be done with |0, but really should? :P
2011-11-28 Lauri PaimenMore IE fixes, now runs somewhat on IE9.
2011-11-28 Lauri PaimenTowards IE compliancy
2011-08-17 Lauri PaimenMore verbose QMLBinding.toJSON
2011-08-17 Lauri PaimenDeprecated parse trees used for development.
2011-08-17 Lauri PaimenUpdated QMLBinding to be real class
2011-06-22 Lauri PaimenDump from private repository.