Moved some files around . Added qrc and binary builders for all the examples. Made...
authorJoseph Mills <>
Mon, 10 Mar 2014 01:12:39 +0000 (21:12 -0400)
committerJoseph Mills <>
Mon, 10 Mar 2014 01:12:39 +0000 (21:12 -0400)
Moved some files around . Added qrc and binary builders for all the examples.  Made it so they where visable in qtcreator.  Started a doc folder for making build in qtcreator help documentation. made a src folder and added some pro files so that it was avilable in qtcreator. Other Misc changes to examples and docs.  No Source code was changed on the plugin or box2d itsself
49 files changed:
box2dbody.cpp [deleted file]
box2dbody.h [deleted file]
box2ddebugdraw.cpp [deleted file]
box2ddebugdraw.h [deleted file]
box2ddestructionlistener.cpp [deleted file]
box2ddestructionlistener.h [deleted file]
box2ddistancejoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2ddistancejoint.h [deleted file]
box2dfixture.cpp [deleted file]
box2dfixture.h [deleted file]
box2dfrictionjoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2dfrictionjoint.h [deleted file]
box2dgearjoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2dgearjoint.h [deleted file]
box2djoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2djoint.h [deleted file]
box2dmotorjoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2dmotorjoint.h [deleted file]
box2dmousejoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2dmousejoint.h [deleted file]
box2dplugin.cpp [deleted file]
box2dplugin.h [deleted file]
box2dprismaticjoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2dprismaticjoint.h [deleted file]
box2dpulleyjoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2dpulleyjoint.h [deleted file]
box2drevolutejoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2drevolutejoint.h [deleted file]
box2dropejoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2dropejoint.h [deleted file]
box2dweldjoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2dweldjoint.h [deleted file]
box2dwheeljoint.cpp [deleted file]
box2dwheeljoint.h [deleted file]
box2dworld.cpp [deleted file]
box2dworld.h [deleted file]
examples/cannon/main.qml [deleted file]
examples/fixtures/main.qml [deleted file]
examples/friction/main.qml [deleted file]
examples/gear/main.qml [deleted file]
examples/monera/README [deleted file]
examples/motorjoint/boat.qml [deleted file]
examples/mouse/main.qml [deleted file]
examples/pulley/main.qml [deleted file]
examples/rope/main.qml [deleted file]
examples/tableview.qmlproject [deleted file]
examples/weld/main.qml [deleted file]
examples/wheel/main.qml [deleted file]
qmldir [deleted file]