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2013-01-23 Tommi AspUpdated to Box2D v2.2.1 master
2012-08-23 Thorbjørn LindeijerUpdated the COPYING file with the new license
2012-08-23 Thorbjørn LindeijerChanged license from LGPL to the zlib license
2012-01-14 Adriano RezendeAdded running property to Box2DWorld
2011-04-21 Thorbjørn LindeijerMoved toBox2DFixture to box2dfixture.h so that it can...
2011-04-13 Joonas ErkinheimoFix for crash caused by ContactListener when destroying...
2011-04-11 Thorbjørn LindeijerSpelling fix in example name
2011-04-11 Antti KratsAdded enchantments to demolishion example. New graphics...
2011-04-11 Antti KratsAdded missing joints to box2d-static.pri.
2011-04-07 Joonas ErkinheimoProper solution for deleting dynamically created bodies...
2011-04-05 Markus KiviojaAdded the localAnchorA property to the revolute joint
2011-04-05 Antti KratsAdded applyTorque to Box2DBody
2011-04-05 Joonas ErkinheimoAdded revolute joint and example for it
2011-04-05 Joonas ErkinheimoMade joints easier to create
2011-04-05 Joonas ErkinheimoAdded distance and prismatic joints and examples for...
2011-03-31 Alessandro... Fixed Visual Studio compile issues
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