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last changeSun, 5 Oct 2014 21:26:04 +0000 (23:26 +0200)
2014-10-05 Fargier SylvainRelay signals master
2014-10-04 Fargier SylvainUse QObjects as QJsonRpcService
2014-06-23 Fargier SylvainSet QJsonRpcService::dispatch as virtual
2014-06-21 Fargier SylvainAdd constructor for qjsonrpcservice child classes origmaster
2014-06-21 Fargier SylvainSet QJsonRpcService::senderSocket as const method
2014-06-17 Fargier SylvainInstall private headers
2014-06-17 Fargier SylvainOutput parameters support
2014-06-05 Matt Broadstoneadd build status badge to
2014-06-05 mbroadstupdate to latest qjson changes, remove some unicode...
2014-06-05 mbroadstfix parameter conversion for qt 4.8.x
2014-05-27 Matt BroadstoneMerged in custom-meta-types (pull request #33)
2014-05-25 Matt BroadstoneWould prefer a test, please add one when you can, but...
2014-05-25 Matt Broadstoneadded fargie_s to AUTHORS file
2014-05-25 Matt Broadstoneadded qjsonrpcmetatype to support a streamlined means...
2014-05-25 Matt Broadstonestore method and parameter info in a hash for advanced...
2014-05-24 Matt Broadstonedon't build json tests in qt5+
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