2010-09-26 Kamilla BremeraunetPackaging changes for new version on Maemo master
2010-09-26 Robin BurchellRevert "Add packaging to create a -dev library, from...
2010-09-06 Ahmad Mushtaqissue 12 fix
2010-06-24 Robin BurchellAdd packaging to create a -dev library, from qwerty12.
2010-06-24 Robin BurchellPackaging updates, releasing 0.1.2 to fix non-ASCII...
2010-06-24 Robin BurchellRevert broken (but probably well meaning) patch.
2010-06-24 Robin BurchellPackaging updates.
2010-05-28 Robin BurchellPackaging changes. Use stable copy of Qt 4.6, not the...
2010-05-25 Ahmad Mushtaqwork around issue 9: code.google.com/p/qfacebookconnect...
2010-05-03 Markus GoetzEnable HTTP Pipelining in QNetworkAccessManager
2010-04-23 Ahmad Mushtaqgfx fb.svg credit readme.txt file
2010-04-23 Ahmad Mushtaqupdated sample.pro so the deployment happens only for...
2010-04-23 Ahmad Mushtaqupdated sample icon, symbian should compile now
2010-04-22 Ahmad MushtaqSymbian specific changes
2010-04-11 Robin BurchellAdd debian/ packaging dir for Maemo.
2010-04-11 Ahmad MushtaqAUTHORS file added
2010-04-11 Robin BurchellFix issues with integer truncation of Facebook user...
2010-04-11 Robin BurchellFix a bunch of (real or potential) text encoding issues...
2010-04-11 Robin BurchellWorkaround some brokenness in Qt for the n900 (or the...
2010-04-11 Robin BurchellI've no idea what this method check is supposed to...
2010-04-11 Robin BurchellAdd a method to retrieve current user ID to FBSession.
2010-02-23 Ahmad Mushtaqremoved useless thumb.db files
2010-02-23 Ahmad Mushtaqinserted resource image files, removed some .bak file.
2010-02-23 Ahmad MushtaqFixed Issue 5: QFacebookConnect library should check...
2010-02-16 Ahmad Mushtaqinserted a signal handler for logout complete
2010-02-16 Ahmad Mushtaqfixed Issue 4: sample app crashes
2010-02-15 Ahmad Mushtaqfixed Issue 3
2010-02-14 Ahmad Mushtaqremoved some unused vars in func params, fixed the...
2010-02-14 Ahmad Mushtaqfixed issue 2: FBSession request burst management is...
2009-12-25 Ahmad Mushtaqsimplified signals
2009-12-18 Ahmad Mushtaqcode indentation
2009-12-16 Ahmad Mushtaqsample app
2009-12-12 unknownfixed a small bug
2009-12-08 unknown updated the sample project
2009-12-08 unknownthe remaining dialogs
2009-12-08 unknownsimplified, sacrifised simplicity over performance
2009-12-05 unknownbug fix for null string
2009-12-05 unknownvariants used
2009-12-05 unknownfixed a copy/paste bug
2009-12-05 unknownfuther development, made it a bit simpler
2009-12-03 unknownmore progress a dirty hack used, but the session logins...
2009-12-02 unknownfbrequest md5 converted to hex, and a copy paste error...
2009-12-02 unknownFBRequest seems to make a propert request and recieve...
2009-11-30 unknownMerge branch 'master' of git.gitorious.org/qfacebookcon...
2009-11-29 unknownthe login now works
2009-11-29 unknownlot of progress, using QNetworkAccessManager to handle...
2009-11-24 unknownsome more code
2009-11-23 unknownsome cleaning
2009-11-22 unknownsample project compiles with the dll
2009-11-22 unknownthe code compiles again...
2009-11-21 unknownsample porject + login dialog
2009-11-19 unknowncode atleast compiles again
2009-11-19 unknownfbdialog class
2009-11-17 unknownfberror class
2009-11-16 unknownfmxml complete
2009-11-16 unknownnew fbxmlhandler class
2009-11-14 unknownnew fbrequest files
2009-11-14 unknownthings compile again
2009-11-13 unknownmore development
2009-11-12 unknownnew LICENSE file plus progress with the fbsession
2009-11-10 unknownthe qmake .pro file, made the file compileable
2009-11-08 Ahmad Mushtaqthe fb connect global file, and initial fbsession class...
2009-11-07 Ahmad MushtaqThe very first file: the README file