last changeSun, 26 Sep 2010 20:04:41 +0000 (23:04 +0300)
2010-09-26 Kamilla BremeraunetPackaging changes for new version on Maemo master
2010-09-26 Robin BurchellRevert "Add packaging to create a -dev library, from...
2010-09-06 Ahmad Mushtaqissue 12 fix
2010-06-24 Robin BurchellAdd packaging to create a -dev library, from qwerty12.
2010-06-24 Robin BurchellPackaging updates, releasing 0.1.2 to fix non-ASCII...
2010-06-24 Robin BurchellRevert broken (but probably well meaning) patch.
2010-06-24 Robin BurchellPackaging updates.
2010-05-28 Robin BurchellPackaging changes. Use stable copy of Qt 4.6, not the...
2010-05-25 Ahmad Mushtaqwork around issue 9:
2010-05-03 Markus GoetzEnable HTTP Pipelining in QNetworkAccessManager
2010-04-23 Ahmad Mushtaqgfx fb.svg credit readme.txt file
2010-04-23 Ahmad Mushtaqupdated so the deployment happens only for...
2010-04-23 Ahmad Mushtaqupdated sample icon, symbian should compile now
2010-04-22 Ahmad MushtaqSymbian specific changes
2010-04-11 Robin BurchellAdd debian/ packaging dir for Maemo.
2010-04-11 Ahmad MushtaqAUTHORS file added
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