last changeWed, 2 Jun 2010 21:18:48 +0000 (22:18 +0100)
2010-06-02 Kamilla BremeraunetAdded change font size using volume keys on maemo master
2010-05-31 Robin BurchellEnable pipelining of HTTP requests for avatars and...
2010-05-31 Robin BurchellMove permissions check into FaceBrick class and check...
2010-05-31 Robin BurchellCentralise access to FBSession in one place. This will...
2010-05-28 Robin BurchellPackaging for 0.4
2010-05-03 Robin BurchellLink using the built library, not a system-wide copy.
2010-04-23 Robin BurchellFix newlines in attachment descriptions appearing as...
2010-04-23 Robin BurchellCompress date strings, names are more important.
2010-04-23 Robin BurchellNicer colour.
2010-04-23 Robin BurchellMinor UI changes.
2010-04-23 Robin BurchellCap input at maximum length of a Facebook status update.
2010-04-17 Robin BurchellPackaging changes for 0.3
2010-04-17 Robin BurchellMaemo notifications for success on like/dislike actions...
2010-04-17 Robin BurchellRemove scroll to bottom on newsfeed- no longer required...
2010-04-17 Robin BurchellFor the newsfeed, revert to the old (0.1) UI.
2010-04-17 Robin BurchellMerge branch 'mediabranch'
7 years ago v0.2.2
7 years ago v0.2
7 years ago v0.1.1
7 years ago v0.1
7 years ago volumekeys
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7 years ago mediabranch