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2011-12-13 Ragner MagalhaesAdjust for qjson as submodule master
2011-12-13 Ragner MagalhaesAdd qjson as submodule
2011-04-19 Jeremy WhitingAdded license comments to each file.
2011-04-19 Jeremy WhitingAdded AUTHORS, COPYING and README files. 1
2011-01-12 Ragner MagalhaesAdjusts for build
2010-12-14 Ragner MagalhaesAdjusts for build on win32
2010-11-30 Ragner MagalhaesExample how to get profile info and picture
2010-11-30 Ragner MagalhaesAdd simple requests for other request out of facebook...
2010-11-19 Ragner MagalhaesPost feed example
2010-11-19 Ragner MagalhaesFix send post message to facebook
2010-11-17 Ragner MagalhaesAdd UI example how to get friends list
2010-11-10 Ragner MagalhaesIgnoring SSL erros
2010-11-10 Ragner MagalhaesFixing unused compile warning
2010-06-22 Ragner MagalhaesAdds getconnection example
2010-06-22 Ragner MagalhaesAdds getobject example
2010-06-18 Frederico Simas... Parsed result from QNetwrokReply object
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