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2012-05-03 Adriano GilAdding GPLv3 license master
2011-04-04 Adriano GilUpdating gitignore file
2011-04-04 Adriano GilFixing bugs when compiling for symbian
2011-04-02 Adriano GilFirst release. Still necessary to make an eyecandy...
2011-04-02 Adriano GilFix bugs and Improve mouse action on LetterInputView
2011-04-02 Adriano GilFixing bug when counting epoches
2011-04-02 Adriano GilFirst version of interface v1
2011-04-02 Adriano GilFirst prototype without ResultsScreen
2011-04-02 Adriano GilSettinp up simple interface
2011-04-02 Adriano GilTraining NeuralNetwork and Fixing bugs
2011-04-02 Adriano GilCreating OcrController and defining NN Inputs and Outputs
2011-04-01 Adriano GilImplementing Interface
2011-04-01 Adriano GilImplementing NeuralNetwork module
2011-03-31 Adriano GilInitial commit
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