last changeTue, 12 Oct 2010 06:50:48 +0000 (09:50 +0300)
2010-10-12 Sampo SaaristoDo kexec -f instead of kexec -e to avoid booting from... master
2010-10-08 Sampo Saaristowork started for customflasher
2010-10-05 Sampo SaaristoPatching and building static version of kexec, and...
2010-10-01 Sampo Saaristobuilding syslinux needs nasm
2010-10-01 Sampo Saaristocompile extlinux as static and add to initrd image
2010-09-27 Sampo Saaristorenamed
2010-09-24 Sampo Saaristoautoinstall script for netbook raw images
2010-09-24 Sampo Saaristoreboot only after succesfull mount
2010-09-24 Sampo Saaristonote about kernel
2010-09-24 Sampo Saaristoinitrd for netbook ai
2010-09-20 Timo HärkönenAutoinstaller for N900
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