last changeThu, 15 Jul 2010 11:13:27 +0000 (14:13 +0300)
2010-07-15 Sampo Saaristoadded dh_makeshlibs and dependency to qtuitest master
2010-07-15 Sampo Saaristoqtuitest-example-tests is for qtuitest-example
2010-07-15 Sampo Saaristosection in control set to misc
2010-07-15 Sampo Saaristoqtuitests fails on blank screen
2010-07-14 Sampo Saaristocommented out call for script, seems it...
2010-07-13 Sampo Saaristocommented out some tests
2010-07-13 Sampo Saaristomisplaced " and too short timeout in test definition
2010-07-13 Sampo Saaristowrong path to test
2010-07-13 Sampo SaaristoExecute all tests from sysinput
2010-07-13 Sampo Saaristofixes to build rules
2010-07-13 Sampo Saaristoexample apps and tests
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