2010-11-26 tgalvinAdd xmlrpc tests
2010-11-25 tgalvinServer side timeouts changes from 0.1
2010-11-24 tgalvinAdd tool chain demo
2010-11-24 tgalvinAdd logging to primed_taskrunner
2010-11-24 tgalvinSmall oversight... "conductor" missing from the conduct...
2010-11-24 tgalvinThe rules in the routing affect higher level APIs and...
2010-11-24 tgalvinFix to get through options_factory constraints
2010-11-24 tgalvinAdd conductor from checkout remotes/origin/dev_branch_0...
2010-11-24 tgalvinAdd conductor to
2010-11-23 tgalvinRemove timeouts from task_broker unittests
2010-11-23 tgalvinRemoved timeout from task_broker (diffs master 0.1.2)
2010-11-23 Teemu VainioMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-11-23 Teemu VainioMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/11' of git://gitoriou...
2010-11-23 tgalvinMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-11-23 tgalvinFix insig parse unittest
2010-11-23 tgalvinremoved config_filename dependencys
2010-11-23 tgalvinrouting
2010-11-23 tgalvinImprove comments
2010-11-23 tgalvinWorker unittest ammended for properties implementation
2010-11-23 tgalvinRemove config_filename from common
2010-11-23 tgalvinReflect component_test modularisation in shell script
2010-11-22 tgalvinsystem now replaced with component
2010-11-22 tgalvinRemove test_ots_core timeout tests await merge from 0.1
2010-11-22 tgalvinAdd test_properties_distribution
2010-11-22 tgalvintest_device_distribution link to
2010-11-22 tgalvinMerge
2010-11-22 tgalvinMerge tvainio's test_properties distribution and assoc...
2010-11-22 tgalvintest_device_distribution component test and assoc changes
2010-11-22 Teemu VainioRemoved sudo from
2010-11-22 Teemu VainioRemoved logging to stderr/stdout in unit tests
2010-11-22 Teemu VainioMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/8' of git://gitorious...
2010-11-22 Teemu VainioAdded possibility to disable email plugin completely
2010-11-22 Teemu VainioAdded email configuration to ots_server.ini
2010-11-22 Esa-Pekka Miettinenfixed ots.server default config path and ots.results...
2010-11-22 Teemu VainioFixed sw_product used in publisher demo
2010-11-19 tgalvinUpdate device properties on test_hub
2010-11-19 tgalvinremove device from taskrunner
2010-11-19 tgalvinTest driven fix of properties impact on task_broker
2010-11-19 tgalvindevice -> device_properties
2010-11-19 tgalvinmake unittest compatible with git branched ots
2010-11-19 tgalvintaskrunner knows about routing_keys not devices
2010-11-19 tgalvinChanging device to device_properties
2010-11-19 tgalvinMoved get_queues() to ots.common.routing so that all...
2010-11-19 tgalvinTeemus routing work merged from 0.1
2010-11-19 tgalvinMerged from 0.1
2010-11-19 Teemu Vainio- Fixed email options handling. They are not part of...
2010-11-19 Teemu VainioMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-11-18 tgalvinUpdate in line with results files API...
2010-11-18 tgalvinSimple hub demp back working after API changes
2010-11-18 Teemu Vainiomoved OTS_TESTDEFINITION from an environment variable...
2010-11-18 Teemu VainioGlobal timeout is now read from options
2010-11-18 Teemu VainioAdded email, email-attachments, timeout and input plugi...
2010-11-18 tgalvinKeep logging on plugin exception policy if no exc raised
2010-11-18 tgalvinExtend Publisher demo
2010-11-18 tgalvinFix initialisation
2010-11-18 tgalvinUse results dto not files
2010-11-18 tgalvinUse results dto not files
2010-11-18 Teemu Vainiomoved OTS_TESTDEFINITION from an environment variable...
2010-11-18 Teemu VainioGlobal timeout is now read from options
2010-11-18 Teemu VainioAdded email, email-attachments, timeout and input plugi...
2010-11-17 Teemu VainioAdded email plugin and results to
2010-11-17 Teemu VainioChanged options_factory to read defaults from ots_serve...
2010-11-17 Teemu VainioFixed config file location in
2010-11-17 Teemu VainioRemoved old yaml config file
2010-11-17 Teemu VainioFixed file modes
2010-11-17 Teemu VainioChanged to configobj. Unified all server side configs...
2010-11-17 Teemu VainioFixed python 2.5 issue in one of the unit tests
2010-11-17 Teemu VainioAdded new default config file in ConfigObj format
2010-11-12 tgalvinComponent tests for hub and xmlrpc
2010-11-11 tgalvinPython 2.5 support
2010-11-11 tgalvinRemove print
2010-11-11 tgalvinRemove dummy egg
2010-11-11 tgalvinremove testdefinition
2010-11-10 tgalvinReplace component dependency on TestDefinition with...
2010-11-10 tgalvinException policy for publishers
2010-11-10 tgalvinMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' into plugin_exception_policy
2010-11-10 tgalvinFix broken unittests by removing cruft
2010-11-10 tgalvinIntermediate commit of exception policy
2010-11-09 tgalvinBump
2010-11-09 tgalvinAdd unittests for attachment
2010-11-09 tgalvinUnittests for mail_message
2010-11-08 tgalvinClean up APIs and add component tests
2010-11-05 tgalvinBegin test driven refactor of email_plugin
2010-11-05 tgalvinFirst commit of email_plugin taken from reworked 0...
2010-11-05 tgalvinExtend Publishers interface for Monitor
2010-11-05 tgalvinPublisher demo working with reworked Hub
2010-11-04 tgalvinRemove status
2010-11-04 tgalvinMerge branch 'distribution_model_branch' into dev_branc...
2010-11-04 tgalvinRemove monitor. Now incorporated into Publisher API
2010-11-04 tgalvinReinstate hub tests
2010-11-04 tgalvinReinstate testrun unittest
2010-11-04 tgalvinRework the hub to be class based ahead of adding monitoring
2010-11-04 tgalvinSimplify the hub_monitor API
2010-11-03 tgalvinRemove duplicate monitor
2010-11-03 tgalvinMore descriptive naming of allocator components
2010-11-03 tgalvinAdd tentative API proposal for hub_monitor
2010-11-03 tgalvinAdd allocator to drive out distribution models apis
2010-11-03 tgalvinLoad installed entry points
2010-11-02 tgalvinbump
2010-11-02 tgalvinMass cull to avoid confusion ahead of API review request