2010-12-09 tgalvinRevert "Worker exception handling policy"
2010-12-09 tgalvinWorker exception handling policy
2010-12-09 tgalvinMissed timeout rename
2010-12-09 tgalvinMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-12-09 tgalvinTimeout renaming to improve consistency.
2010-12-08 tgalvinMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-12-08 tgalvinHave dummy run as default
2010-12-08 tgalvinFirst commit of soak test
2010-12-08 Teemu VainioMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/13' of git://gitoriou...
2010-12-08 tgalvinFiles must be named to get recognised "tatam_xml_testru...
2010-12-08 tgalvinAdd tools to
2010-12-08 tgalvinClose amqp log handler one step sooner.
2010-12-08 tgalvinSilence amqp_log_handler exceptions if no queue exists
2010-12-08 tgalvinAdd logging option to xmlrpc server
2010-12-08 tgalvinHackish patch for results xml predicate to expedite...
2010-12-08 tgalvinCast timeout to a string in conductor_commands
2010-12-08 tgalvinProvide __str__ for more explicit logging in packages
2010-12-08 tgalvinRemove case sensitivity from Environment check
2010-12-07 Esa-Pekka MiettinenUpdated README 13
2010-12-07 Esa-Pekka Miettinenadded README
2010-12-07 Esa-Pekka MiettinenRenamed filtter to filter
2010-12-07 tgalvinadd timeout to conductor cmds call in primed_taskrunner
2010-12-07 tgalvinMerge branch 'conductor_cmds_regr' into dev_branch_0.8
2010-12-07 Esa-Pekka Miettinenfixed pylint and epydoc errors and warnings
2010-12-07 Esa-Pekka MiettinenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-12-07 Esa-Pekka Miettinenadded git ignore rules
2010-12-07 Esa-Pekka Miettinenremoved .project and .pydevproject files
2010-12-07 Esa-Pekka Miettinenadded git ignore rule
2010-12-07 Esa-Pekka MiettinenChanged django location to pluging
2010-12-06 tgalvinMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-12-06 tgalvinAliases for legacy bifh interface
2010-12-06 tgalvinAMQP log handler bug fix.
2010-12-06 tgalvinTrigger quit and Check exit codes
2010-12-06 tgalvinPatch pickle failure for traceback objects on amqp...
2010-12-06 tgalvinFailing component test for amqp log handler bug
2010-12-03 Elias LuttinenTypo correction
2010-12-03 Elias LuttinenPossibility to give nose input parameters added
2010-12-03 Ville NiutanenFixed typo in Exception
2010-12-03 Ville Niutanenchanged worker log message to nowrap and modified
2010-12-02 Ville NiutanenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-12-02 Ville Niutanennew layout for workers view
2010-12-02 tgalvinBegin work on 0.1 conductor command regression
2010-12-01 Elias LuttinenAdded possibility to give input parameters for nose...
2010-11-29 Ville NiutanenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-11-29 Ville Niutanenenabled filtering woth run id
2010-11-29 Ville Niutanensimple paging enabled
2010-11-29 Elias LuttinenURL to qa-tools wiki page fixed
2010-11-29 Esa-Pekka MiettinenModified logger views
2010-11-29 Esa-Pekka MiettinenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-11-29 Esa-Pekka MiettinenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-11-29 Elias Luttinenurls order changed to get worker views working
2010-11-29 Elias LuttinenReturn statement was missing.
2010-11-29 Elias LuttinenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of git://
2010-11-29 Ville NiutanenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-11-29 Elias LuttinenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of git://
2010-11-29 Elias LuttinenSpace added
2010-11-29 Esa-Pekka MiettinenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of git://
2010-11-29 Elias LuttinenWorker view fixes. Worker detail view added.
2010-11-29 Esa-Pekka Miettinenadded print error message to logger_plugin
2010-11-29 Teemu VainioFixed broken config file reading
2010-11-26 tgalvinDefault timeout to zero
2010-11-26 Esa-Pekka MiettinenChanged to use ConfigObj for configuration...
2010-11-26 tgalvinAdd xmlrpc tests
2010-11-26 Esa-Pekka MiettinenFixed apache2 settings to OTS http logger
2010-11-26 Esa-Pekka MiettinenMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of git://
2010-11-26 Esa-Pekka MiettinenChanged http logger templates
2010-11-26 Ville Niutanenfiltter view added
2010-11-26 Ville Niutanenadvanced filttering
2010-11-26 Elias LuttinenWorker information is now sent as a table including...
2010-11-26 Elias Luttineninitial version of workers view
2010-11-25 tgalvinServer side timeouts changes from 0.1
2010-11-25 Esa-Pekka Miettinenchanged main view and added testrun view
2010-11-24 tgalvinAdd tool chain demo
2010-11-24 tgalvinAdd logging to primed_taskrunner
2010-11-24 tgalvinSmall oversight... "conductor" missing from the conduct...
2010-11-24 tgalvinThe rules in the routing affect higher level APIs and...
2010-11-24 tgalvinFix to get through options_factory constraints
2010-11-24 Elias Luttinentest commit
2010-11-24 tgalvinAdd conductor from checkout remotes/origin/dev_branch_0...
2010-11-24 tgalvinAdd conductor to
2010-11-24 Esa-Pekka Miettinentested httplogger plugin
2010-11-23 tgalvinRemove timeouts from task_broker unittests
2010-11-23 tgalvinRemoved timeout from task_broker (diffs master 0.1.2)
2010-11-23 Teemu VainioMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-11-23 Teemu VainioMerge commit 'refs/merge-requests/11' of git://gitoriou...
2010-11-23 tgalvinMerge branch 'dev_branch_0.8' of
2010-11-23 tgalvinFix insig parse unittest
2010-11-23 Esa-Pekka Miettinenstatic files to django
2010-11-23 tgalvinremoved config_filename dependencys
2010-11-23 Ville Niutanenfirst draft of logger plugin
2010-11-23 tgalvinrouting
2010-11-23 tgalvinImprove comments
2010-11-23 tgalvinWorker unittest ammended for properties implementation
2010-11-23 tgalvinRemove config_filename from common
2010-11-23 tgalvinReflect component_test modularisation in shell script
2010-11-23 Esa-Pekka MiettinenAdded django http_logger
2010-11-22 tgalvinsystem now replaced with component
2010-11-22 tgalvinRemove test_ots_core timeout tests await merge from 0.1
2010-11-22 tgalvinAdd test_properties_distribution
2010-11-22 tgalvintest_device_distribution link to