Added a test for PASS testrun. Documented some tests that need to be added
[qa-tools:ots.git] / ots.system_tests /
2010-12-03 Teemu VainioAdded a test for PASS testrun. Documented some tests...
2010-12-02 Teemu VainioAdded more tests for multiple device properties
2010-12-01 Teemu VainioCreated testcase for testing multiple devicegroups
2010-12-01 Teemu VainioAdded test for nonexisting sw_product
2010-12-01 Teemu VainioMoved default options to common Options class
2010-12-01 Teemu VainioImplemented first system test.
2010-11-30 Teemu VainioImplemented some helper functions for log parsing
2010-11-30 Teemu VainioAdded file for log based system tests