last changeTue, 8 Nov 2011 15:40:18 +0000 (16:40 +0100)
2011-11-08 Mathew, Johncpuidle: Add additional state for LPMP3 master
2011-11-03 Pierre Tardyruntime_pm preliminary support for k3.2 rpm traces
2011-11-03 Pierre Tardycompatibility for ETS3
2011-10-23 Pierre Tardyfix buggy follow_mouse chaco4 zoomtool
2011-10-23 Pierre Tardyfix template
2011-10-22 Pierre Tardydevguide: minimal devguide for 1.0
2011-10-22 Pierre add a template plugin
2011-10-18 Pierre Tardyzoom: fix zoomtool for chaco4
2011-10-14 Pierre Tardyfix stuff for ETS4, bump to 1.0.0.rc1
2011-10-14 Pierre Tardyupdate INSTALL and readme.txt to point to the docs
2011-09-07 Pierre Tardyfix auto_zoom_y
2011-08-30 Jeremy Rocheradd support for softirq_entry event in trace-cmd backend
2011-08-30 Jeremy Rochercomplete trace-cmd support and clean ftrace backends
2011-08-30 Pierre Tardyfix pythonxy URL in userguide
2011-08-30 Pierre Tardyfix toggle wakes/ toggle_cpu
2011-08-19 Pierre added workqueue end, and tasklet support
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7 years ago v0.9.1
6 years ago master
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6 years ago polish