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2012-06-19 John HsingAdd a sample used to show how to parse XML with ElementTree develop master v0.1
2012-06-19 John HsingRename script to practice
2012-06-19 John HsingA simple oop sample from <A Byte of Python>
2012-06-14 John HsingUse templates in Jinja2
2012-06-13 John HsingAdd a jinja2 toy script
2012-06-12 John HsingUpdate
2012-06-12 John HsingAdd a script used to create soft link of commit-msg
2012-06-11 John HsingDifference between *args and **kwargs
2012-06-04 John HsingAdd a git upload script
2012-05-24 John HsingUse yield to calculate fibonacci
2012-05-10 John HsingFix md synatx
2012-05-10 John HsingRename README.txt to to adapt Github
2012-05-10 John HsingThree ways to handle exceptions in Python
2012-04-24 John HsingLong long ago, xrange performances better than range
2012-04-24 John HsingAdd a sort script from PEP265
2012-04-20 John HsingAdd contract information
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