2010-07-03 benjamin.petersonmove sections master
2010-07-03 benjamin.petersonadd another line between sections
2010-07-03 benjamin.petersonupdate to 2.7 final
2010-07-03 benjamin.petersonupdate pydoc-topics
2010-07-03 benjamin.petersonadd period; rewrap
2010-07-03 benjamin.petersonadd release date
2010-07-03 benjamin.petersonadd release date
2010-07-03 victor.stinnerIssue #7673: Fix security vulnerability (CVE-2010-2089...
2010-07-03 benjamin.petersonfix date
2010-07-03 benjamin.petersonadd 2.7 to the license list
2010-07-03 jesse.nollerSubmit patch for bug 9144; broken imports due to r81380
2010-07-03 georg.brandlAdd link to bytecode docs.
2010-07-03 georg.brandlAdd missing target.
2010-07-03 mark.dickinsonFix typo in sys.float_info docs.
2010-07-03 georg.brandlUse internal links.
2010-07-03 georg.brandlFix role name.
2010-07-03 ezio.melottiUpdate whatsnew/2.7.rst, add a few links and fix a...
2010-07-03 alexander.belopolskyRevert r81681 (issue 8810).
2010-07-02 benjamin.petersondon't require the presence of __getformat__ or __setfor...
2010-07-02 ezio.melotti#9139: the thousands separator is new in 2.7. Also...
2010-07-02 ezio.melotti#9139: Add examples for str.format().
2010-07-02 eric.smithMoved period outside paren, where it belongs.
2010-07-02 benjamin.petersonadd space
2010-07-02 mark.dickinsonClarify sys.float_info documentation.
2010-07-02 nick.coghlanIssue 8202 actually caused an unintended behavioural...
2010-07-02 nick.coghlanFix a couple of minor nits in What's New before the...
2010-07-02 georg.brandlGrammar and markup fixes.
2010-07-01 benjamin.petersontrunc does use the special method, though
2010-07-01 benjamin.petersonfix fixer name
2010-07-01 benjamin.petersonremove docs about delegating to special methods; it...
2010-06-30 benjamin.petersonan AttributeError is perfectly acceptable here
2010-06-30 giampaolo.rodolafix issue #6589: cleanup asyncore.socket_map if smtpd...
2010-06-30 benjamin.petersonmark test depending on ref counting
2010-06-30 mark.dickinsonIssue #9125: Update parser module for "except ......
2010-06-30 mark.dickinsonUpdate Demo/parser directory; backport unparse fixes...
2010-06-29 mark.dickinsonIssue #1789: clarify that the 'size' column in struct...
2010-06-29 benjamin.petersongroup cStringIO docs under its factory function
2010-06-29 vinay.sajipAdded information about pickle security and SocketHandler.
2010-06-29 senthil.kumaranDocumentation Fix: uses mimetools...
2010-06-29 mark.dickinsonSpelling.
2010-06-28 fix mispaced parentheses in chained compar...
2010-06-28 mark.dickinsonSet svn:eol-style on
2010-06-28 mark.dickinsonFix typo in
2010-06-28 mark.dickinsonFix some shallow bugs in Demo/parser/, and...
2010-06-28 senthil.kumaranDocumentation correction. returns...
2010-06-28 benjamin.petersonfix skipping condition
2010-06-28 benjamin.petersontestcapi tests are definitely cpython only
2010-06-28 senthil.kumaranFix Issue8653 - Docstring for urlunsplit function.
2010-06-28 senthil.kumaranFix issue3428 - Document HTTPMessage class.
2010-06-28 benjamin.petersonremove unused last argument to property_copy
2010-06-27 benjamin.petersonmark tracking tests as implementation details
2010-06-27 ronald.oussorenFix for Issue8883: without this patch test_urllib will...
2010-06-27 ronald.oussorenThe uuid library on OSX 10.5 seems to contain the same...
2010-06-27 ronald.oussorenTwo small fixes for the support for SDKs on MacOSX:
2010-06-27 georg.brandlUntabify.
2010-06-27 georg.brandlTwo typos.
2010-06-27 georg.brandlFix URL.
2010-06-27 georg.brandlUse designated syntax for optional grammar element.
2010-06-27 georg.brandlConfusing punctuation.
2010-06-26 alexander.belopolskyIssue 9024: Added :cdata: tag to PyDateTimeAPI
2010-06-26 ezio.melottiFix extra space.
2010-06-26 r.david.murray#9085: email versions have gotten out of sync, 2.7...
2010-06-26 r.david.murrayFix indentation in recently added test.
2010-06-26 alexander.belopolskyIssue #9024: Fixed mark-up for PyDateTime_IMPORT macro...
2010-06-26 r.david.murray#4640: add a test to optparse that proves issue is...
2010-06-25 benjamin.petersonmark implementation detail as such
2010-06-25 benjamin.petersonthis must be a typo
2010-06-25 benjamin.petersonmark implementation detail as such
2010-06-25 mark.dickinsonFix indentation of Python code example in C comment.
2010-06-25 antoine.pitrouIssue #9075: In the ssl module, remove the setting...
2010-06-24 stefan.krahIssue #9020: The Py_IS* macros from pyctype.h should...
2010-06-24 benjamin.petersonprevent assignment to set literals
2010-06-24 benjamin.petersonremove reverted changed
2010-06-23 benjamin.petersoncpython only gc tests
2010-06-23 stefan.krahIssue #8930: Remaining indentation fixes after the...
2010-06-22 antoine.pitrouFix misindents in compile.c (for Benjamin).
2010-06-22 benjamin.petersonmark ref counting as impl detail
2010-06-22 benjamin.petersonmust force gc here
2010-06-22 benjamin.petersonbump revision
2010-06-22 benjamin.petersonspacing nit; this isn't C
2010-06-22 benjamin.petersonremove INT_MAX assertions; they can fail with large...
2010-06-22 benjamin.petersonkeep UserDict an old-style class
2010-06-22 ronald.oussorenThe code in _scproxy (a mac specific helper module to
2010-06-22 ronald.oussorenFix for issue8446:
2010-06-21 benjamin.petersontowards final release
2010-06-21 benjamin.petersonbump verson to 2.7rc2
2010-06-21 benjamin.petersonupdate pydoc-topics
2010-06-21 benjamin.petersonfix finding visual studio 2008 on 64 bit #8854
2010-06-21 thomas.hellerAdd tests for problems reported in issue 8959.
2010-06-21 thomas.hellerFix #8959 by reverting revision 80761.
2010-06-20 andrew.kuchlingNote that Python 3.x isn't covered; add forward ref...
2010-06-20 mark.dickinsonMerge test_strtod and test_float string-to-float conver...
2010-06-20 benjamin.petersonupdate emacs section
2010-06-18 jean-paul.calderoneRevert r60115
2010-06-17 florent.xiclunaAdd few words about test.test_genericpath.CommonTest
2010-06-17 senthil.kumaranFix Issue4452 - Incorrect docstring of os.setpgrp
2010-06-17 r.david.murray#8720: fix inspect regression by teaching getsourcefile...
2010-06-16 senthil.kumaranAddressing RDM's review comments on the doc change.
2010-06-16 senthil.kumaranFix Issue8937 - SimpleHTTPServer should contain usage...
2010-06-15 mark.dickinsonIssue #8469: Further clarifications and improvements...