Add link to bytecode docs.
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2010-04-16 antoine.pitrouIgnore jinja2
2010-04-13 antoine.pitrouFix overzealous patterns in .hgignore, which used to...
2010-04-01 martin.v.loewisIssue #8032: For gdb7, a file is added...
2010-03-21 antoine.pitrouFix overzealous .hgignore file
2009-07-11 benjamin.petersonignore things in Lib/test/data/
2009-07-11 benjamin.petersonput downloaded test support files in Lib/test/data...
2009-05-24 antoine.pitrouAdd Misc/python.pc to the list of ignored files
2008-05-09 georg.brandl#2788: add .hgignore file.