last changeFri, 24 Feb 2012 12:49:49 +0000 (23:49 +1100)
2012-02-24 Darren Altonworkarounds for a problem in 64-bit pygame 1.9.1 master
2012-02-24 Darren Altonremove debug outputs
2012-02-06 DarrenAdd support for PyGame audio and video output.
2012-02-06 Darrenwe've got a wave output now
2011-11-28 Tim AllenAdd support for SSNES-created BSV files.
2011-11-28 Darrenmade wave_output use a pre-compiled struct.Struct
2011-11-28 Tim AllenBSV input records are signed, not unsigned.
2011-11-27 Tim AllenOnly upload texture data we actually use.
2011-11-27 Tim AllenAdd a module to read input events from a BSV file.
2011-11-27 Tim AllenAdd a module for writing SNES audio to a .wav file
2011-11-26 Tim AllenAdd support for the snes_library_id() function.
2011-11-26 Tim AllenDon't copy libsnes' framebuffer to a Python string.
2011-11-26 Tim AllenSilence an ElementTree warning.
2011-01-07 Tim AllenDon't let shaders wrap the texture.
2010-12-29 Tim AllenSupport bsnes' XML shader format.
2010-12-29 Tim AllenDon't set glTexParameters when creating the callback.
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